Black Girls in Magazines: Viola & Taraji are Beautiful! 2 HQ Pix!

I bought Ebony yesterday.  The magazine was fantastic! As you know, the UK gets the US import mags late, but yours truly will be scanning the full article and images you lot. Until next week*, when I scan, here are two reasons why Ebony looks amazing.

1. Viola looking drop-dead stunning in this telephone box red shoulder gown.

2. And if that wasn’t enough, Taraji is continuing her winning streak as a couture-esque model in the magazines. Just absolutely gorgeous.

Can Elite, IMG or Ford please give Taraji a modelling contract? This woman takes a bloody brilliant picture. All pix are from

 * – I have scans of Rihanna (Look Magazine), Viola & Taraji (Ebony), Michelle Obama (Essence) and I just saw US Harper’s Bazaar with Halle. So many black women, so many magazines, no time! If you have any scans of black girls in magazines, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Black Girls in Magazines: Viola & Taraji in EBONY

For once, a lovely cover. Keep EBONY alive people. Buy it! If they continue the good work,without lightening people’s eyes, they may get a subscription out of me eventually. For all the latest news on Taraji, check out a fantastic fansite for her called It’s run by a web designer called Nwenna.


I’ll scan the mag when it gets to the UK. They both look gorgeous on the cover. I am becoming a Taraji stan, you lot! If you see any new pictures of black girls, models/celebrities, in magazines, please email me and I will credit you. Email is aulelia_2 [at]

Back The Right Horse: Baftas & Oscars 2009 Betting Special

I have never betted on anything Oscar or Bafta related in my life before. But with my cinema unlimited card, I have seen quite a few films so far so I am in a film mood a lot of the time. I have told myself that I will spend the maximum of £20 on bets and I will probably make 3 bets in total. Here are my thoughts/bet ideas! Continue reading

Oh It’s Award Season!: 10 Random Thoughts

BAFTA award nominations come out next week on the 15 January 2009. Judging from the SAG & Golden Globe lists, here are a random assortment of my thoughts. I’d love to hear all your thoughts and rants as well. And also please put your Oscar wildcard predictions!

  • Mickey Rourke: Honestly, I think he will win Best Actor in 2009. I just have this feeling that he is going to get nominated and win. Which kind sinks my heart, because he was great in The Wrestler but I want to see Leo DiCaprio with gold in his hand.
  • James Earl Jones: Lifetime Achievement Award – that’s brilliant for him! Yay!
  • Kate Winslet: I really need the girl from Reading to win something. I am sure she will get a BAFTA because the home crowd loves Kate from Reading. I’m going to see The Reader this weekend. I am a bit of a Kate stan. As part of learning how to be a journalist, I like studying famous people being interviewed on TV to see how they help the journalist or not. I really warm to Kate Winslet b/c she makes the job easy. I was watching the One Show on BBC and she was really friendly and didn’t seem up herself at all.
  • Dev Patel: Speaking of the UK crowd, 18 year old Asian-British actor has been nominated for a SAG award. Good for him! He has come a long way since being in Channel4 programme, Skins and now Slumdog Millionaire! Continue reading