Black Girls in Advertising Campaigns: Jade Ewen for Ultimo

Jade Ewen is 1/3 of the Sugababes, a popular UK R&B group. She is the new face of Ultimo Bras. Good look for black girls! She is very pretty + makes me want to start gyming it!

What do you think?

Black Girls in Magazines: Rihanna in W

Wow, for a magazinephile, I know I am late with this one. For all the Rihanna fans, your magaholic blogfriend will not disappoint! Here is my favourite picture below:

[Image seen @ Concrete Loop]

One thing I like about Rihanna is her baby-face. She has the cutest face. Just so cute that it is stunning, you know? There are lots more pictures at CL, but I like the one above best also because of the jaguar-print headpiece

Black Girls in Magazines: Mariah in Guardian Weekend/Talks About Her Identity as a BLACK WOMAN

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. Mariah is black. She says so in this issue of Guardian Weekend (3/10/2009) which I bought last weekend. This image below is from the feature.

Mimi 2

Full scans of the full article where Mariah categorically says: “I am a black woman who is very light-skinned” are below. Please read! I am eager to discuss with you lot 😉 There are more pix as well. Standard attribution rules apply so please share the scans but let me have the credit HA!

Mimi 1Mimi 3

Mimi 4Mimi 5

Click the images above to make bigger.

Key quotes include:

“My mother’s white…but there’s another side that makes me who I am”

When I actually went to scan this mag at university yesterday, the helpful IT man at the IT centre asked me why I was a fan of Mimi. I said: “I just love her. I think she’s great”. He said he didn’t like her because he felt like she was over the top, and preferred low-key artists like Alicia Keys. I told him that I liked Mariah because she is over-the-top but she is actually really sarcastic about it.

A lot of her post-Mottola tracks are actually very tongue-in-cheek and that is the thing about Mimi — she does know how to laugh at herself. She is one of my faves, along with Bee of course.

She is 39 now, one of the best-selling artists in recording music history but still catches flack. LOL, The one thing I do wish for her is to have children. My mum was 41 when she gave birth to my younger sister, so go for it Mimi [1], you still have loads of time!

[1] – And Tyra too, I see you there 😉

Black Girls in Magazines: Jourdan & Chanel in Teen VOGUE (Nov 2009)

Image nicked with love from Girl with a Satchel


I really hate the coverlines on this magazines, that being said — both women look stunning. I am curious to know what will happen with Jourdan vis-a-vis her pregnancy. At any rate, they look pretty but it must be said, Chanel looks ravishing here. They both look styled like the JET beauties from the 1950s.

Black Girls in Magazines: Fefe Dobson is BEAUTIFUL!!/Honey Magazine

All pix from Honey Magazine. I urge you to read the interview at Honey. Very interesting insights, as well as the so-called Rihanna comparisons.

fefe 1

Black Girls in Magazines: Meagan Good in WNWN Magazine

I caught a glimpse of some beautiful shots of Meagan on Brown Sista. Catch the rest here. Meagan is just too beautiful! She takes fantastic photographs.

Meagan Good

I love the earthy, bronzed tone of this first picture. Anyone getting any strong African vibes from it? According to Brown Sista, in the interview for the magazine, Meagan talks about the importance of her identity as a strong black woman and talks about wanting to visit Africa. She is very conscious – love this girl!

Meagan Good 2

As usual, I am always on the hunt for black women in magazines so  if you know  of any, drop me an email and let me know thanks!

Jourdan Dunn pregnant.

I just got wind of this the other day.  I was surprised because she’s 19.  I know times have changed…..  and apparently I haven’t caught on.  😐  But at age 19?  I’m not sure that I can get with that.

Nonetheless, I wish her the best through her pregnancy and hope that she continues to model.  It’s great to see a young Black woman do so well in the white-washed modeling industry.

Feel free to discuss…..


Jourdan Dunn pregnant

As VOGUE.COM exclusively confirmed on Friday, supermodel Jourdan Dunn is five-and-a-half months pregnant with her first child. The British model and Vogue cover girl is sporting a perfect tiny bump and could not be more excited about impending motherhood.

“I’m real looking forward to the future and having my baby,” Jourdan told VOGUE.COM this afternoon. “I’m lucky – I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!”

Jourdan has been with her boyfriend for several years and the couple are eagerly anticipating the baby’s arrival in December. Jourdan has a close network of family and friends and has been receiving huge support from them too, as she prepares for her new arrival.

“Jourdan is delighted and really excited,” a spokesperson for her agency, Storm, told us today. “She’s had lots of lovely personal messages of support from all her friends in the fashion industry and it’s great news. We wish her all the best.”

The 19-year-old is the latest in a line of models – including Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova – to announce their pregnancies in the last few weeks. Following the birth, Jourdan will continue to work between New York and London as she does now.

Beyoncé’s ‘I Am..Tour’ Sold Seats at an Amazing 97%

Well damn, Bee – there is no need to slay so many people in one go!

bee snl

[Image: Beyoncé World]

PR Newswire have reported that Beyoncé’s ‘I Am..’ Tour has sold an incredible 97% of her tour. Yes people, 97% across the entire world so far.

So far, the tour has made £15million ($26m) and she still has a few more dates in August and November. All her London & Dublin dates sold out as well. I’m going to try my best to go again in November. I went in May and had a rollicking time.