Charcoal Ink mentioned in Black Beauty & Hair magazine

The day has arrived. Two articles which I wrote for Black Beauty & Hair magazine have been published in the Dec/Jan 2011 issue.
The 1st one was an interview with Chris-Tia Donaldson, whom regular Charcoalies will know well as the author of Thank God I’m Natural. You can see a picture of it

[thanks to Errol for taking the picture and sending it to me]
The second was a feature article on the rise of hair blogging. You can see a picture below:

You will note at the bottom of the article in the picture, Charcoal Ink is mentioned in the biography about the author. I am really happy Charcoal Ink has been mentioned because it’s nice for me & Memphiz as it is our baby.

Make sure you purchase a copy of the Dec/Jan 2011 issue or buy a subscription to Black Beauty & Hair magazine.

Coal News: Bullying made first female Beefeater at the Tower go BALD

I find it shocking and flabbergasting that the first female Beefeater employed at the Tower of London was actually bullied.

And to make matters worse, she developed alopecia as a stress related disease due to the bullying.

What would you do if this was your mum or sister?

Moira Cameron is now suing for harassment and bullying and good on her. She was treated appallingly by these some male Beefeater who objected to having a woman work at the Tower as a Beefeater.

Oh and after 522 years, you have to have served in the Armed Forces for at least 20 years before you can be a Beefeater.

2 of the men have been suspended for alledgely defacing her uniform and leaving nasty, intimidating notes for her at work.

Breaking: Michelle Samaraweera may have been raped and killed by serial rapist in Walthamstow

2 women were attacked in March and April in Walthamstow, east London – where I live.

According to the BBC, the following happened:

The first took place at an address close to Queens Road on 24 March when a 59-year-old woman was forced inside her home and raped.

The second, in which a 46-year-old woman was attacked in an alleyway off nearby Lea Bridge Road, took place in the early hours of 22 April.

A young Sri Lankan widower Michelle Samaraweera was brutally raped and strangled in a park near Queen’s Road on 29 May 2009.

What is believed to have happened is Michelle, who lived with her boyfriend Gregg Dale, left the house to buy milk from a shop at around 1am. Her dead body was found around 05.50am by a passerby. Continue reading

1st ever Hip Hop Magazine Closed After 21 Years

I can’t believe I am a week late on this. I only caught it because I was doing my rounds of reading media news. Private Frazer’s Doomed Magazines wrote that Hip Hop Connection, which was the first ever hip hop magazine, even before The Source is closing after 21 years.

I think this is sad. Mags like Vibe and The Source are surviving purely because there is a larger market in the US. Because we know otherwise, they would sink elsewhere because the content is shit.

More thoughts on magazines and black oriented media next week.

Coal News: Love Rats Always Need Sugar

[Image Source]

Harvey, former rapper who cheated on Alesha Dixon with Javin Hylton is trying to make it seem like Alesha Dixon is the ‘golden bollocks’ and that butter would not melt in her mouth.

From Digital Spy:

“No one knows the whole truth, no one knows why I made that move, no one knows why I done it, I don’t need to talk about that because I’d rather be the battering stick for the public and she can be the victim.

That desperate for attention Harvey that you’d bring it up, thus contradicting yourself? I am really sick of men like this who rationalise their infidelity as if it is the woman’s problem. Fair dues, we are not in there when you are with your wife but the fact is, he had an affair. I can’t believe he is trying to rationalise it.

Must hurt when Alesha’s album became a top 10 chart hit whereas no one is checking for him or that other girl’s music.

Man the fuck up.

Coal News: Rihanna Update

Rihanna’s father has commented on what’s happened, saying that the relationship is over (Source: Telegraph).

I don’t give an F what any of the bloggers or gossip mongers are saying.

Rihanna being from the Caribbean has fuck all to do with happened.

No one deserves to be hit.

And quite frankly, on the whole, men are physically stronger than women. I find it hard to believe that Rihanna some how overpowered Brown so that she had to be hit back.

I may be an old school feminist when I say this but no man should ever lay his hands on a woman. Ever.

I cannot believe she hasn’t been seen for a week. It’s a testament to the people of her native country as well (one which I love for other reasons) that they haven’t leaked any stories about her.

I was never a Rihanna fan. But I hope she can pull through this. When you are deeply and madly in love, nothing hurts more than to have that end.

I just cannot believe black people have turned against her and made this into a camp Rihanna vs camp Brown. I swear down, many people are very jealous and insecure about this girl. I am not surprised she has bare haters over her looks because she is beautiful. Not because she has coloured eyes as people bang on about but because she just is beautiful. And I think many people are using her beauty against her so they can bash her.

I’m only interested in what her statement is going to be and I will be tracking what goes on from her end. I could care less about the rumours et al. All I know is that she was hurt in this. Otherwise, why would she go back home for a week? Stay tuned.

Coal News: Chris Brown & Rihanna Scandal

I wasn’t going to touch on this story, until I knew that mainstream press confirmed it (ie, newspaper sites).

We all know what has happened now and Rihanna has been confirmed as the victim. I was really shocked to hear this story. It is very sad to think that he would attack his own girlfriend. No woman or man should ever have to be subjected to domestic violence, famous or not. The fact that both Rihanna & Chris are famous means that the whole idea of domestic violence is elevated even more.

I don’t really like the idea of commenting on other people’s relationships because I am not in their lives at all. None of us know who they are, as such. But what I can comment on is their careers, because their careers are public.

  • Rihanna & Chris Brown toured together last year, going to New Zealand & Australia.
  • Chris Brown co-write Disturbia
  • Rihanna & Chris sang together on Bad Girl, a song for the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack.

And those are just three pieces of career trivia. Clearly, they were working well together in a professional sense. Why on earth did this happen? I just do not understand. All relationships have issues, and I can not imagine what being a 20 or 19 year old person in the spotlight must be like but to me, just my view, this is clearly to do with being incapable on CB part of dealing with fame and ego.

Any man who can attack a woman has issues with ego and self-importance. It is deluded to think that you somehow have the right to touch someone else’s body physically.

Rihanna was not at fault to be attacked by her boyfriend.

She is the victim, not Chris or his career (or lack there of, because quite frankly, everyone businesses about Rihanna and how she looks). I hope she, like any victim of domestic violence, is safe and sound and naturally, her family *should* intervene. Hollywood, money or no money, no one deserves to be hit by someone s/he loves.

If we are talking careers, CB’s image is deeply hurt by this. And he needs to issue an apology very quickly. I am sure they will break up but either way, Rihanna’s career will be helped by this, believe it or not.