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  1. @aulelia – Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing it on your list! I hope that your readers will actually check it out and get some great financial tips. (www.seekwisdomfindwealth.com) Much appreciated!

    Peace & Blessings,

    Patrice C. Washington

  2. Reading these comments, I can understand taff’s points – in a way – but why does he appear to me to think that something further has to happen? If any of us thinks something, then we may decide to say it through our blog. End of story! We thought it, we said it! We may (if we decide) discuss and debate it with a commenter, but that is up to us. Such ideas may be taken up and spread, or not. Who cares (mostly) unless it is our desire to take things further?

    The blog belongs to the individual(s) who post on it and can simply be there because they feel better saying something rather than keeping quiet. Words, actions and results that follow are often irrelevant to us (though not necessarily to others).

    People like taff may see that as pointless, but that’s one of our our prerogatives as bloggers – to do what seems pointless to others, if we wish to.

    It’s called freedom and so many of us in the world these days have so little of it left.

    • @AF, thanks for your comment. The way I see it is I use this blog as an outlet. If people don’t like it, they can go — no skin off my nose.

  3. Hi there.. fellow Tanzanian.. loving your writing skills and have come across your blog accidentally whilst researching about what to do with my afro hair when i am attending some functions over the next 2 weeks!!

    love it.. love the fact that you are a proud african woman!! Keep Africa and african women alive!!

  4. Ofcourse as expected…very mature and intelligent response…!!!!

    I guess the clue was in “I believe in feminism…beyonce is my hero…!!!” Very intellectual!!!

    I think not!

  5. Mh. Interesting…

    The first person who logged on to your blog and did not massage your ego you have taken offence and resulted to verbal abuse…very classy!!! My goodness, look at how intelligent your responses are…wooow!!! All that coming from someone who “really believes in feminism and “Injustice”!!!! Incredible. What do you think? Who is hypocritical!??

    I was not defensive simply stating “THE FACTS”…again you missed the point.

    What you have demonstrated is your lack of understanding or ability to grasp issues, moreover your naivity. Did you seriously think you will start a blog and no one was going to challenge your ideals?!?!? I am not sure if that is just pure stupidity or naivity. Further you have proved you lack the intelligence, skill, maturity and ability to take a step back and deal with issues posted on your blog from a mutual stance. If this is a place where people can post their views and ideas why then do you behave in such a manner??? Perhaps you should change the introduction to include “you must not challenge me, my ideals or the core of what I claim to believe in…”

    One would always consider an argument pointless if they have missed the point and failed to grasp the issues being argued…I can safely say this is the case here.

  6. @taff, look at how defensive you are getting. The pot calling the kettle black? No one is forcing you to come on this blog. Just leave – don’t bring your hype here. It’s Boxing Day and I can’t be bothered to deal with pointless arguments like this.

  7. Please, please re-read my messages and take time to understand them. In both posted messages I say “QUESTION”. I am asking a “QUESTION” at no point am I making any assumptions whatsoever and it is a question I am posing to you and any other blogger.

    Meaning of a question – an “inquiry” “a demand for an answer”
    Once again please re-read my messages and take time to understand them. Do not add your interpretations to them nor read them with a perceptive mind. Read them as they are written! More than once I have used terms such as “I asked a question”. I have used the word “QUESTION and used question marks to emphasise that these are questions and nothing more than that. At no point did I adopt a position, or made undue claims…I simply asked questions. I am amazed how you have now drawn conclusions that I am making assumptions!!!!! It does not make any sense!!!

    If there are actions that have been followed up by views posted on yours or any other blogs then please share these…that would answer my “QUESTIONS”. Simple!!! That is what I asked and if there are actions I would be very glad to hear them, educate me…That is why I asked the questions?!?!? If I had made any assumptions I would not have asked the questions!!!

    Once again in reading my posting I do not read any sentence where I have asked that you take on the responsibilities of all blacks, Africans or anybody else…I am not sure where all this is coming from or it’s relevance to the simple questions I asked?!?!?

    Further you talk about surveys and how would I know if things are put in practice afterwards etc…WELL, EXACTLY THE REASON WHY I ASKED THE QUESTIONS…I DONT KNOW. THAT IS WHY I ASKED THE QUESTION. GET IT!!!!??

    WHY WOULD I ASK A QUESTION IF I KNEW THE ANSWER OR MADE AN ASSUMPTION?!?!?! If I had done a survey and knew whether anything was put into practice I WOULD NOT HAVE ASKED YOU THE QUESTION!!!!!

    I do not know you and would never make any judgements about you (just not in my character) However, by the way you have responded to both my postings, one would be safe to say you have come across as hostile, unable to take things at face value instead you have taken them too personal, too perceptive, defensive, critical and are just missing the point!!

  8. @taff, I really believe in everything I wrote on this blog. I can’t take responsibility for all other Africans and black people around the world, only myself.

    Obviously, I know mine is not a novel idea – I never said it was. I believe in supporting feminism and fighting injustice.

    You said: Perhaps it would have been useful to answer this question or even start a discussion about it rather than being critical?
    –This is why I think you are hypocritical. You seem to be assuming that people don’t put these actions into practice afterwards but how do you know?

    Unless you have done a survey of all the black people who blog around the world, then you can put up the discussion – now, that’s a novel idea.

  9. I am sorry you misunderstood what I said. I asked a question. Perhaps I should rephrase the question…once the ideas and views are posted on your blog what then? Are they then put into action or do they just remain ideas and views on yet another blog?!?!?

    I have re-read my message and I can not see a sentence or line where I have specifically said “I am against webpages” However, what I was trying to highlight is…This is yet another blog where Africans post their views (yours is not a novel idea, there are many many blogs out there) as much as this is a good thing and it should be applauded the question still remains “what actions follow”??!!!

    It was merely a challenge that I can see was not welcome but has been interpreted that I am hypocritical. Such a hush judgement about someone you do not even know…perhaps re-read what I posted again…I asked What will be achieved? Meaning are there any actions that follow after opinions are posted?? Perhaps it would have been useful to answer this question or even start a discussion about it rather than being critical?

    Merry X-mas and Best Wishes with your fantastic webblog.

  10. @taff, I think what you wrote is actually very hypocritical. If you are so against webpages of posting opinion, why are u doing it?

  11. Interesting website recently brought to my attention by someone I met. I laugh when I see such forums, Africans are full of opinions. I have never met an African without an opinion, a strong opinion about everything, the joke is…look at the state of the continent!!!

    Sadest thing is we were no more opressed than the Asia but look at Asian countries compared to African countries?!?!?! Whilst such websites are a good thing where people can air their views one can not help but wonder what is the point? What will be achieved by people posting their opinions when the countries they come from are still “third world countries” !!!

    Desire, I do not agree with you. Tanzania is not a model for anyone to follow. Probably the only reason we are not killing each other is because we just do not have the drive and passion to see a war through.

    The problem with Africa is corruption, lack of accountability of our leaders, we lack real leadership. Leaders with a real sense of purpose, vision, direction, ambition and real drive for change. Real change to make the lives of their own people better. The best we have are the Mugabe’s of this world – hungry for power, greedy and corrupt to the core and nobody, nobody who votes for these idiots holds any of them accountable…What hope is there in Africa?!?!? It is hopeless just hopeless…

  12. Just today,I was asking a question to a Former Burundian Politician,what Country he thought is a Model in Africa, he replied that among the Countries,he thinks that Tanzania is a Model, they are able to solve problems well,they are a strong Nation.The simplicity of the current President of Tanzania amazes me!If only the Whole of Africa could follow the example,our Children would leave better days!

  13. thanks for the zine which i read and re-read here in copenhagen. it’s great! keep up the work: it’s necessary and you’re doing a great job. i’m dropping a zine here in cph and would love very much to include something from your zine. keep on writing, doing your thing and it will all flow…
    funny thing though: the envelope was completely open when your zine arrived! lol…
    keep your head up,
    the lab

  14. Hi…Can you go to my blog and read the entry…the topic is something that I have been really angry with lately…please invite others who are of your same circumstance…


  15. i dig your attitude aulelia…. wish i had friends like you…. keep it up gal… i lok up to people like you…. proudly african… mwah.. b good

  16. Hi, Aulelia I never knew they called people like us Pan Africans because Ive always wanted dat same thing too, u know like 4 all Africans to have a common language for Africa to become one country instead of a continent and for us to share one currency if we did this Africa would definately become a better place but i do think we’re far from dat(becoming a union I mean). Oh and p.s. I’am ur biggest fan now am in d 6th form doing ma Alevels but i also want to travel to france, china and most of those places uve been to and to learn a new language like ur doing so i mite take a gap year wat do u think?…great job keep it upX

  17. Aulelia, I invite you to visit the Atlantic coasts of Panama and Colombia,and the Caribbean coast of Central America. Africa and the African Diaspora are culturally rich, beautifully inspiring,eternally resilient, unpredictable, and remarkably spirited and energetic. Someday the African at home and abroad will learn to solve his/her problems.

    Cordial Saludo.

  18. I love your blog!! ‘Nationality doesn’t determine black experience’ is a concept I identify with. Among many things I am an African and I am also a black woman. I am no one thing and its this business of ascribing ‘labels’ and fitting ourselves into exclusive categories that gets us as the human race into trouble.

  19. Would like to hear from you. How did you find Kenya. I’ve also lived in Russia and speak fluent Russian,Swahili and English
    I’m currently inviting anyone for safari in Kenya.Please contact me Aulelia .bye!!! Ray from Nairobi.

  20. Would like to hear from you. How did you find Kenya. I’ve also lived in Russia and speak fluent Russian,
    I’m currently inviting anyone for safari in Kenya.bye!!!

  21. Hi all,
    Finally i have come across somewhere i can share my views and also chat with my fellow east africans and all,being from there myself.I must admit that i am a very happy girl now. I am from Kenya and lived in Tanzania for a while,i must admit,its a very nice place with very nice and polite people.Aulelia,you are doing a very good job with your blog,keep it up.

  22. Alphamale – I used to live in Stockholm (in Taby suburb) from about 8 – 11. Man, I wish I could remember swedish!!! I only got parts of your question lol. My parents raised me definitely as Tanzanian but the pan-africanism is something that has grown over time within me. Where do you live in Sweden?

  23. Wow, you lived in Sweden. Where ?

    LOL, finns (lr kanske fanns) vรคl fler afrikaner i Sverige รคn vad jag antagit.

    Either way did your parents raise you pan-african ?

  24. >>>”*I am a Pan-Africanist: The beauty of the continent outweighs her problems. I wish one day the African Union would have one single currency. If African joined forced economically, imagine what could happen?”

    I love this thought.

  25. Setia — I think that is fantastic the work that you shall be undertaking. If you need any advice about the country or language, you can email me ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Aulelia,
    I am travelling to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in November to volunteer. It is my life’s dream to travel to Africa and volunteer, living outside of the typical tourist atmosphere. I dont know my exact assignment yet, but hope to be working in an orphanage. I am beyond excited as I have felt a desire to be there for as long as I can remember.
    Your site is very interesting!!

  27. Well its kind of nice to read your website which I accidently hit upon after looking for something else. I agree in some places where you depict the dire situations and at the same time I feel that everyone is responsible for such situation.
    I do differ in view of adoption, I believe that whether it is for publicity stunt or for truely for compassion, it is always good, I am sure that this exposes Africa to the rest of the world at the same time creates more opportunities. In fact a surge in recent Africa based movies will help people to change their way of thinking. Once again I hope that I will be able to return back to your website and read more.

    thanks once again.

  28. Ummadam — wow!!! Tanzania — aww thats great! Mikumi safari park is amazing and I definitely recommend that. The Ngorogoro crater is a must see, Serengeti goes without saying and Kilimanjaro! you should come 2…

  29. Aulelia, you are fascinating!!! Masha’Allah. My nephew will be going on a one week safari to Tanzania with his class, in May insha’Allah. if you have any tips or word of advice for me to pass on, it will be very much appreciated.

  30. X – i think that is a simplistic argument for anti-christianity. besides, when you say ‘white’, who are you referring to? Jews? Anglo-Saxons? You must be specific. and what does this have to do with my background???

  31. Christianity is a bad thing for black people it was used as a weapon of colonial power to suppress black people and make them defer to the master race symbolized by a white god… discuss.

  32. hello once again!!!

    this website is full of infor and its wicked!!! i still want to see the last king of scotland (which is actually nominated for oscars). so i didnt read that post just in case there were spoilers!!

  33. hello….

    nice to see this website!!!!!!!!!!!! some very interesting things going on here– the websites like a magazine but cooleer!!!!!!!! keep up the good work and boogie…

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