This Week in Magazines #1: Jada, Laura, & January

[Notes: New feature on the blog, everyone. I love magazines too much so I’ve decided to collate my thoughts in one post but Black Girls in Magazines still continues as a standalone feature]

1. Jada Pinkett-Smith (Ebony June 2009)

I saw this gorgeous image of Jada @ Monie On The Outside. I am always checking for Jada – just stunning and great attitude. Can’t wait for this issue of Ebony to come to LDN. And is it just me or has Ebony upped their game recently? I would love to write for them…one day!

2. Laura Izibor (Arise May 2009)

Scanned by me! Laura Izibor is gaining a lot of press these days. If you have any magazine scans of her, please send them to me at aulelia_2[at]

3. January Jones (Bazaar June 2009 UK)


January as Betty Draper has been one of TV’s revelations of the past few years. She has the ice maiden look locked to the floor. I got the image above from slacker chic, so check out the blog for the full scans.

There are not many black female editorials that I can find at the moment so if anyone know of any, please email me for next week.

Wild Card: Sandra Bullock is on the cover of US Bazaar. Check out the pictures here. 44 years old and stills churns out a great picture.

Stay tuned for this week’s upcoming ‘Black Girls in Magazines’ posts scanned just for you that include Shingai Shoniwa and supermodel Januel McKenzie!

Who could be Wonder Woman?

Today, I was at work and stumbled upon an article at Rope of Silicon, called Why The Comic Book Movie Industry needs a Female Superhero. The article stood out in my head and triggered feminist thoughts in my head about representation.

As a black African woman, it does not represent me as such but I do find strength in the idea that the image of WW exudes female strength.

Lynda Carter* is synonymous with the live-action concept of WW. She is a stunning woman, who had unbelievable body proportions when shooting the TV series. Honestly:

[Image found here]

If WW ever gets made in the near future, I think it will be one of those films that needs that actress, to ensure its’ success. I think the actress would need charisma, style, skill and charm to make it come alive…

…and she would have to have a heavy** figure LOL.

My list of potentials is as follows: Continue reading

Oh It’s Award Season!: 10 Random Thoughts

BAFTA award nominations come out next week on the 15 January 2009. Judging from the SAG & Golden Globe lists, here are a random assortment of my thoughts. I’d love to hear all your thoughts and rants as well. And also please put your Oscar wildcard predictions!

  • Mickey Rourke: Honestly, I think he will win Best Actor in 2009. I just have this feeling that he is going to get nominated and win. Which kind sinks my heart, because he was great in The Wrestler but I want to see Leo DiCaprio with gold in his hand.
  • James Earl Jones: Lifetime Achievement Award – that’s brilliant for him! Yay!
  • Kate Winslet: I really need the girl from Reading to win something. I am sure she will get a BAFTA because the home crowd loves Kate from Reading. I’m going to see The Reader this weekend. I am a bit of a Kate stan. As part of learning how to be a journalist, I like studying famous people being interviewed on TV to see how they help the journalist or not. I really warm to Kate Winslet b/c she makes the job easy. I was watching the One Show on BBC and she was really friendly and didn’t seem up herself at all.
  • Dev Patel: Speaking of the UK crowd, 18 year old Asian-British actor has been nominated for a SAG award. Good for him! He has come a long way since being in Channel4 programme, Skins and now Slumdog Millionaire! Continue reading