The Ultimate Strategy on How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Fast

4c hair afro model

A brand new regimen for women with 4C, 4B and 4A hair to help it grow fast and long.

My Strategy to Grow Your 4C Hair

This is a strategy I have created for anyone who is reading and my subscribers. 4C hair alongside 4B and 4A hair is wonderful but it can be overwhelming if you do not know how to care for it. This strategy explains a new strategy that you can follow in order to grow and boost the growth of your hair.

This is the 5 step strategy on how to grow 4C hair quickly

model with long 4c hair

Step 1: Do African Threading for 1-15 days at a time

African threading makes 4C hair grow so fast and quickly. As long as your stylist does it with yarn thread, it will not itch or hurt you. I would seriously recommend doing African Threading every month. If you work in a job where you are feeling shy about having threads as your hairstyle, get your stylist to make small African threads instead of big ones. This will allow you to cover the threads with a lace front wig for example instead of cornrows. This way your hair is protected with African threads and you can still wear as many wigs as you want.

Step 2: Use hair vitamins

Hair vitamins are particularly helpful if your hair breaks a lot. I like Biotin-enriched vitamins for 4C hair and Type 4 hair in general. Get in the habit of swallowing them every day in order to see the best results. Hair vitamins work best with African Threading hairstyles in my opinion and I would encourage you to use them in this strategy.

Step 3: Take a break of 3 days in between styles

During your 3 day break, keep your fingers out of your hair by wearing a printed head scarf that you can leave the house in. Always ensure minimal manipulation of your hair if you want 4C hair to grow especially.

Step 4: Do African Threading again for 15 days

It can seem tedious but this style is absolutely perfect for helping 4C hair to grow long and fast. You allow the hair to grow long because it is isolated and it isn’t manipulated.

Step 5: Do braids or a sew-in weave for 3-4 weeks

After using African threading hairstyles, you should try sew in weaves or braids to give your hair more chance to grow. Don’t forget to be taking hair vitamins every day and drink fresh and clean water every day as well. If you are using braids or a sew-in weave in this step, use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your hair line or near the braids and sew-ins to keep your hair line nourished and to avoid getting hair patches that are associated with some tight protective styles.

Why does this regimen work for 4C hair compared to others?

Because I made this growth regimen especially for women with 4C, 4B and 4A hair. Let’s face it, 4C hair and type 4 hair have different needs and requirements. Our hair is different to other people’s and we need to embrace that. This regimen is focused on giving 4C hair a break so that it can grow and thrive. If you are constantly manipulating your hair, you are giving it a chance to break instead of a chance to grow.

How long do I need to follow this regimen to see results?

You should see results within 30 days but within 60 days, there should be substantial growth as long as you follow my instructions for this 4C hair growth strategy.

Where can I learn more about growing 4C hair and maintaining it?

Obviously you can get the best tips here at Charcoal Ink which is why you are reading it. Sign up for email updates as well.



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