The Ultimate Strategy on How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Fast

4c hair afro model

A brand new regimen for women with 4C, 4B and 4A hair to help it grow fast and long.

My Strategy to Grow Your 4C Hair

This is a strategy I have created for anyone who is reading and my subscribers. 4C hair alongside 4B and 4A hair is wonderful but it can be overwhelming if you do not know how to care for it. This strategy explains a new strategy that you can follow in order to grow and boost the growth of your hair. Continue reading

How to do a natural hair blowout without breaking your hair

Afro hair blown out

Top tips on how to blow dry natural hair

I know, I know. Blow drying natural afro hair is like a cardinal sin for women with natural hair but many girls want to know how to do it safely. Ideally you shouldn’t blow your hair out more than twice per year. Some girls love doing it every month but I advise against this. If you want to do a natural hair blow out, you can opt to go to the salon or you can do it yourself. After you do your natural hair blow dry, make sure you finish off your look with makeup such as lipstick, perfume and do your eyebrows. Here are some of my top tips on how you can blow dry natural hair safely: Continue reading

First Time Flexi Rod Set

For some time now I’ve been wanting to try a Flexi Rod set, and this weekend I took a go at it. I watched a couple of YouTube videos to get an idea on products and techniques I should use. After watching numerous videos I decided to use Giovanni’s Direct Leave In Conditioner and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel. I used about all my flexi rods which were 35 in total and wouldn’t mind if I had more. When it comes to my curl pattern it is inconsistent, I have tightly coiled hair and wavy hair. I wanted to achieve a smooth curl look and wanted my roots to be smooth but I wasn’t able to achieve that look in the back.

I somewhat like the style but it’s definitely something I would have to get use to. When it was time for bed I put my hair up in a high ponytail and slept in a silk bonnet. I am going to try to attempt this look again and to get it smoother at the roots. What do you think? Have you tried a Flexi Rod Set?





The founders of ‘I Love Afro’ reveal what natural hair business is really like

Sasha Ricketts and Natasha Dunn are two women from the UK who have created a natural hair brand called I Love Afro. The London-based pair discuss what it is like running their own business & their thoughts on the business of natural hair, which is on the up and up.

1) Why did you start I Love Afro and how did you spot a gap in the market?

We started our business in 2008 as we found it difficult sourcing afro hair products from the UK and buying from the US didn’t prove cost effective. Our initial thoughts were to import US products and sell them in the UK, but once we realised there was a gap in the British market for natural hair products we thought why not make our own! Continue reading

Hair Paparazzi: Solange Knowles strikes back

Saw this picture of Sol Angel a few days ago from her new Time Out magazine shoot. She is fire engine hot!

I love the shades. Makes me want to not have a protective hair style right now. Sorry for the few days gap of lack of posts, was snowed under with work – trying to make that money LOL!

[Image Source: Time Out but can’t find the link]