The Ultimate Strategy on How To Grow Natural 4C Hair Fast

4c hair afro model

A brand new regimen for women with 4C, 4B and 4A hair to help it grow fast and long.

My Strategy to Grow Your 4C Hair

This is a strategy I have created for anyone who is reading and my subscribers. 4C hair alongside 4B and 4A hair is wonderful but it can be overwhelming if you do not know how to care for it. This strategy explains a new strategy that you can follow in order to grow and boost the growth of your hair. Continue reading

4 Beautiful Hairstyles for Black Women

4 different hairstyles for black women

Top 4 Beautiful Hairstyles for Black Women and Black Girls

These are just 4 gorgeous hairstyles for black girls in 2019 that I could not stop obsessing over for this year. Even though I am natural with 4C hair, I still love the power of weaves and wigs as protective styles as long as they are used correctly, for example. Which are these styles is your favourite?

I am working on creating a new hair and beauty regime to supercharge growth this year for my hair and to improve how I look and I will definitely be sharing my new hair and beauty regime here with you.

Tell me which of these hairstyles you like the most?

The Best Box Braid Hairstyle I’ve Seen In 2019


The Most Beautiful Box Braids Hairstyle

I love the vibrancy of this box braid hairstyle because I like how she contrasted the hair colour with the threads to create this super earthy African braided look.

Box Braids Hairstyle Top Tips

I would definitely do something like this but I also think if you are going to do box braids like this you should be aware that styles like this don’t last long without getting messy because larger braids go bad faster than smaller braids. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Cardi B Hairstyles

A group of Cardi B hairstyles

One thing I love about Cardi B’s hairstyles is that her looks always change her entire face. She can look so different depending on which hair colour she is wearing. She tends to wear wefts and wigs but I have noticed that I like her looks most when she contrasts between blonde weaves and black lace fronts. She tends to keep her makeup subtle when she has bright hair or she will contrast a vibrant makeup look with a soft hair style. Which of these top 5 are your favourite? I would love to know. Don’t forget to check out Beyoncé’s top 10 hairstyles as well.

Top 5 Cardi B Hairstyles

[Click each image to enlarge and see in detail within the gallery]

Which of these hairstyles is your favourite? I actually like the blonde wig she wore when she did a YouTube segment for GQ. I like the dark contrast of those roots as well. I would love to know which one is your favourite.

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The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles Hair 2006

Beyoncé’s hair has gone through incredible transformations in her 20+ year career as an entertainer and performer. I am a big fan of her music but I have always loved her approach to her hair. She loves blonde hair, but she does surprise us every now and then with her wigs and her natural hair is very long as well. Here are her top 10 best hairstyles.

My favourite hairstyle is her hair during the B’Day era of 2006. The wispy layers just made her skin and beauty pop like nothing else. I hope she brings that style back!

The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles [Gallery + Click to Enlarge Each Picture]

She seems to like sticking to honey blonde. I have seen pictures of her with brown hair and she does look wonderful with brown but she has her signature which is honey blonde hair with dark tones every now and then. Her makeup tends to match the warmth of her hair colour which is something that I find interesting.

Which one is your favourite?

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The Best Heat-Free Stretching Technique for 4C Hair

The Ultimate Heat-Free Hair Technique for 4C Hair

heat free hair tips

I have a dedicated strategy to stretching my 4C hair that I think will work. I am happy to share it today. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. It works best with 4C hair being the kinkiest and thickest of all Afro textured hair but you can also try it on other black hair types if you want.

Tools Needed

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Heat protectant serum
  • Scarf
  • Kirby grips/Bobby pins

How to stretch your 4C hair without using heat or extensions

Step 1: Start at the back of your head and straight braiding mid-size chunky braids

I prefer braids to twists because braids stretch your hair better when it is done heat free. The first thing you should do is part the hair at the back of your head. The bigger your braids, the less stretched your 4C hair will be. After you have parted the back of your head, apply heat protectant serum liberally. I know you are wondering why you should use heat protectants if you aren’t blow drying your hair.

These serums actually help to soften 4C hair in order to get the hair ready for stretching. I haven’t looked back since – apply a few drops of the serum on the sections of your hair that you are going to braid. Remember, your braids don’t need to be perfect since you are doing this for heat-free stretching, not to impress anyone.

I prefer doing chunky ‘braids’ or in my country we used to call them mabutu. Braid them all the way to the end without allowing strands at the end to remain open. Continue reading

5 Box Braid Partings You Need To See

Getting hair partings right can enhance your box braids in a way that isn’t obvious at first but it plays a large role. Here are some of the cleanest and most crisp box braids partings that you can show your stylist or you can try and do them yourself.

5 Beautiful Partings For Box Braids

I love how straight and clean these partings are. Most of these are probably achieved with a rat tail comb but I do think you need to be careful if your hair is natural so you don’t cause any unnecessary breakage when you are trying to part the hair. It might be a better idea to stretch your hair first before you do box braids.

I think box partings look better than triangle partings and I’ve noticed triangle partings take way more skill so double check with your stylist first to see his or her’s skill level. I think it’s better to have classic box partings than triangle ones that look bad – I’ve been there and I looked like a fool LOL when the triangle parts could have been done better by the stylist.

Let me know what you think of these 5 box braid parting styles.


How to do a natural hair blowout without breaking your hair

Afro hair blown out

Top tips on how to blow dry natural hair

I know, I know. Blow drying natural afro hair is like a cardinal sin for women with natural hair but many girls want to know how to do it safely. Ideally you shouldn’t blow your hair out more than twice per year. Some girls love doing it every month but I advise against this. If you want to do a natural hair blow out, you can opt to go to the salon or you can do it yourself. After you do your natural hair blow dry, make sure you finish off your look with makeup such as lipstick, perfume and do your eyebrows. Here are some of my top tips on how you can blow dry natural hair safely: Continue reading

Do hair blogs matter anymore now that you have Instagram & Pinterest?

Instagram 1

The social media margarita for natural hair, beauty & fashion

Social media is one of the tastiest cocktails to drink if you love hair, beauty, fashion and food. There are thousands of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts dedicated to all of these things that we all love. Whether you love natural afro hair updos or you love looking at high heels, it’s clear that social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have opened a whole new world for natural afro hair. I definitely think social media has changed the game for natural hair but I also am wondering – does it enrich the hair experience and make hair blogs irrelevant? Continue reading