Natural Afro Hair Blow Dry with Cold Air

Afro 4

This is an example of how natural afro hair looks when it is blow dried. I got this blow dry about a month ago at my local salon in Mikocheni. It was a good blow dry but I told Thomas to use cold air instead of hot air.

He also used a heat protectant so that my hair would not be damaged.

Just wanted to share a blow dry afro update.


5 Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

5 Stunning Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

  1. African threading Afro 1
  2. Two Strand TwistsAfro 2
  3. Chunky Box BraidsAfro 3
  4. Long and Unique CornrowsAfro 4
  5. Chunky Two Strand Twist BraidsAfro 5

These are 5 of my favourite protective hairstyles for black women. These afro hairstyles are ideal to help you hair grow while keeping your hair safe and protected.

I am totally OBSESSED with the African threading hairstyle and I cannot wait to try it.



The Ultimate Guide to Growing Afro Hair


-This is an image of me and my Afro-

If you want to grow your Afro hair, you need to have a dedicated plan in order to see growth. Every woman has a different regime and method to make her hair grow long. I’m going to share all of my ideas that work on how to actually see growth with your Afro.

Drink water to make your hair healthy

Guys – water is really important if you want to make your hair long and healthy. Healthy hair comes from within and your hair follicles need nourishment in order to grow. Drink water that is filtered if you want extra brownie points. I like bottled water and sparkling water – always drink water every day to keep your hair hydrated.

Eat kale, spinach and avocados

Spinach 1

Eat healthy portions of kale, spinach and avocados to give your hair strength and growth ability. Avocados are wonderful for grow and so is spinach and kale. You can add these into your diet at least 3 times a week so that you can see results.

Trim split ends

Get rid of split ends. They help no one in this world least of all your hair. It’s better to have healthy hair that is going to grow quickly as opposed to hair full of split ends. Go to your favourite stylist to have them take care of the problem if necessary.

Always plait your hair before going to bed 

You should always plait your hair into two strand twists or three strand braids before you go to bed. If you sleep without plaiting your hair, you make your hair more susceptible to it breaking.

Use protective styles to help your hair grow

bOX 1

Protective styles such as the box braids before are a wonderful way to help your hair to grow because they lower daily manipulation. Don’t get them done too tight to avoid hurting your edges.

Consider vitamins to supercharge your hair growth

Hair vitamins can be used if you are impatient and you want to see results quickly. Choose vitamins that have a lot of Biotin inside because this is the active vitamin that is responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Measure your hair growth by taking pictures

Do length checks by measuring how long your hair is growing. You can also take pictures or shoot videos to see if your hair is growing and if you are retaining length.

Do African threading to let your hair GROW without you touching it

african 1

Use African threading styles like the one above to help your hair look beautiful and long quickly. African threading is the best way to make thick Afro hair grow long. If you want to see results, I would recommend this ASAP.

Keep long nails out of your natural Afro hair

Keep long nails out of your hair if you want to maintain long Afro hair. Long nails can literally cut your hair off and make it break. Keep your nails short or wear protective styles if you love long nails.

With this guide, you are going to have long gorgeous Afro hair and I would love to know if these tips work for you.

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{Image} My Afro decorated with circle earrings


This is a shot of me experimenting with earrings to make my Afro up. I think a bejewelled Afro can work and especially for going out for example. What do you think?

Behind the scenes at my photoshoot for my website

Take a look at some of these pictures that were the behind the scenes images for, which is my personal website where I will be storing business ideas, content and offering business services to potential clients. When the images for the website are ready, I will definitely share them.

Images for my website were taken by Beautiful Imperfectionz, a dope Tanzanian photography company – check them out!


Shoot 3




What do you think? Let me know 😉

3 things you need to know about friendships

Since living in Dar-es-Salaam, the concept of fake people and fake friendships has become something that I have noticed that has become more pronounced in this town. I don’t care if readers think I am generalising here – I am just talking from my experience but Dar from what I have seen for the 2+ years I have been back is full of people who are afraid to hear the truth. Who are friends if they don’t check you on your bullshit? Who are friends if they don’t watch out for you?

#1 Real friends call you on your shit, fake friends build you up on your bullshit

One of my closest friends will always tell me when she thinks I am overreacting even when I am like nooooo you need to agree. That’s a real friend, she doesn’t want me to look crazy or weird if I am truly overreacting and she always keeps it to me real. I thank her for that because there have been situations where I have been wrong and I check with her and she lets me know. Continue reading

The rise of style blogs by black women

High Fashion 1

The glossy world of stylish black fashionistas

If you read the western media, you would think style blogs are just for European women but there is a fast rising overclass of black women who know what they want and they are showing off their fashion style with aplomb through style blogging. From Angolan fashion superstar Soraya de Carvalho to edgy fashionista Fennella Miller, there are some true gorgeous pictures and outfit ensembles which show what we have always known: black women are stylish glamazons who are taking their rightful place as leaders of fashion. Claire from The Fashion Bomb was one of the first I can remember who showcased black fashion style and now there are many many fashionists who share their websites with rich and textured websites like Black and Killing It as well as mainstream media like Grazia magazine and Vogue Italia. London is definitely my favourite when it comes to locations for style bloggers of African origins including Melissa of Melissa’s Wardrobe who has some lovely outfits and excellent taste in footwear.

Where you can find these stylish black women? Continue reading