The Top 10 Best Sexiest Natural Afro Hair Styles For Black Women

(November 2018 Update – Wow, it’s been 9 years since this post and natural afro hairstyles have only grown in popularity. These looks still look excellent for 2019 and beyond. Always pair hairstyles like this with a groomed and polished makeup look. I like doing these hairstyles while wearing glossy lipstick to truly stand out from the crowd with my natural hair)

10. Yasmin Warsame


I love this look.The short, cropped curls mesh gorgeously with the bodice. It makes you want to chop it all off!

9. Ajuma Naseyana


She is just too beautiful. I have blogged about her before. But I especially love this photo because it shows how cropped natural hair sets off African faces gorgeously. Continue reading

Hair: Not Going To Salons & Lusters Pink Oil Moisturiser

I have been living in my orange snood-esque hat for all of 2008. Not that I don’t like my Afro hair. It’s just that I have not been feeling overly inspired.

I have tried loads of things such as two strand twists and they have worked out okay but I don’t feel like my hair is growing at the pace I want it too. Nonetheless, I am persevering because I want to take pride in my appearance. And to be frank, I have practically given up on going to salons to get my hair done.

Many salons just don’t understand natural hair and fuck it, I am sick of the smirks and snide looks. So, the products helping me style my own hair include Sulfur 8 & Lusters Pink.

I used Sulfur 8 shampoo yesterday night and I just took out my hair now because I had plaited it; my hair felt coarse and thick. I am not sure that I liked the feeling much. I then used Lusters Pink to put it in two strand twists for the night.

[image found here]

There is no doubt in my mind that Lusters Oil Moisturiser has made my hair feel fluffier and its’ thick consistency suits my hair. Continue reading