What Solange’s Afro & Cocktails have in common

Just stumbled upon this stunning picture of Solange and her incredible Afro at lecoil:

solange hair 1

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Solange is a bad bitch

Picture taken from NB – I have not been blogging for a while sorry but had to post this. How STUNNING is Solange? This girl is traffic-stopping gorgeous but the marijuana book is irresponsible but I suppose it goes with the rebel brand she is going for.

She’s so STUNNING. Bad bitch status for sure. Apparently the deal with Carol’s Daughter was broken off, does anyone have any details as to why?

Hair Paparazzi: Solange Knowles strikes back

Saw this picture of Sol Angel a few days ago from her new Time Out magazine shoot. She is fire engine hot!

I love the shades. Makes me want to not have a protective hair style right now. Sorry for the few days gap of lack of posts, was snowed under with work – trying to make that money LOL!

[Image Source: Time Out but can’t find the link]

5 reasons why Solange executes the African headwrap look

Just saw this picture on Concrete Loop and knew I had to dissect it. I’d love to hear your thoughts too, so don’t hesitate to comment. [Email subscribers, click through to see the picture]

1. Monochrome

In this look, Solange is really sorting out the black & white monochrome that makes the headwrap pop. This also works because of the black leather trousers she is wearing. In summary, know what colour blocks you want to use for your headwrap and outfit.

2. Heels

Headwraps need high heels to work if you are going to wear the look out with clothes, and not a matching African fabric for your body. You just need heels and there are no two ways about it. They elongate your body and the headwrap.

3. Jewellery

In this photo, we can see a lovely chain link necklace that she is wearing. The curve of the necklace matches the circular nature of the headwrap. This creates great contours that we can experience when we look at her. Top marks, Solange.

4. Makeup

Simple, simple and simple. This is why she looks so great because her general makeup such as brows, lips and foundation is muted and simple. With such a bright headwrap you need this.

5. Confidence

Goes without saying that you cannot nail any African headwrap look without being strong and confident about the look. It is such a rich, stunning way to wear your hair (and protect it) but believe in it, don’t be self conscious and it will work.

What could have been improved: I am not wild about her top, but other than that the execution was very good.

Do you like Solange’s headwrap or my thoughts? Let us know!

Did Anyone Read The ESSENCE Roundtable discussion with Solo & Nia?

nia long

I was in Borders today and in the UK, the latest issue of ESSENCE is the one with Nia Long on the cover.

There was an interesting roundtable discussion which included Solo Knowles, Nia of course and the stunning Tanika Ray, as well as Mikki Taylor, Tonya Lewis, Ursula Stephens (Rihanna’s hairdresser) & another lady called Ledisi. Continue reading

Weight, Weight, & Weight

So I went to see Solange Knowles* in concert at the Pigalle nightclub in Piccadilly, London. She was really quite brilliant, I must say. It sold out and guess who was there? The whole Knowles dynasty including Tina, Matthew and Beyonce**, the latter whom hid when she saw people recognised her.

Solange is full of energy and very good live. I really enjoyed myself and me and my mate were right at the front.

Besides her good voice, one thing I noticed with how thin yet healthy she looks. She looks thin all the time but she actually looks healthy in real life, more so than say this image to the left.

My weight has been yo-yoing this past year cos of the stress I put myself under when I was publishing Kerosene and studying for my degree. My mum pointed this out to me and I had a massive go at her and I should not have. Last  year, I was a slim 58 kilos and now I am 69 kilos which was and still is an absolute shock. Now I am not saying 69 kilos is fat because it isn’t but I have never been this heavy. Even when I was porky as a child, I lost that weight and watched what I ate. But of course, troubles of the heart like love and stressing out make you put on weight no question about it. Now, I know I need to get this weight under control and at least go back down to 60 kilos. Continue reading