5 Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

(Updated November 2018)

5 Stunning Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

  1. African threading Afro 1
  2. Two Strand TwistsAfro 2
  3. Chunky Box BraidsAfro 3
  4. Long and Unique CornrowsAfro 4
  5. Chunky Two Strand Twist BraidsAfro 5

These are 5 of my favourite protective hairstyles for black women. These afro hairstyles are ideal to help you hair grow while keeping your hair safe and protected.

These stunning protective styles look best when you also do grooming with your entire look. For example, when you are getting box braids done, make your box braids pop with red lipstick or enhance your cornrows with a bright slick of purple or burgundy lipstick. Makeup brings protective hairstyles to life. I am totally OBSESSED with the African threading hairstyle and I cannot wait to try it.



“Is that a real Afro?”

I always loved Valerie’s Afro from the cartoon Josie & The Pussycats. So round and fluffy = fire! Today I went to the hair shop down the road (not black owned, sadly — can’t seem to find those here). My friend was coming around to cornrow my hair. I popped down to the shop and the man at the till asked me:

Is that a real Afro?

I was like….*crickets* Continue reading