Burgundy Wine-Coloured Box Braids (May 2013)



The rise of box braids


Merlot is the word of the day! I have found a new beauty salon that didn’t rip me off to get these hot box braids which were done in about 4 + 1/2 hours yesterday at a salon in Kijitonyama in Dar-es-Salaam.

What do you think of these box braids?


Hair Notes: Workhorse Curly Protective Weave (2 Photographs)



I have to say I adore this curly weave. I have had it for about a month with minimal itching and the curls considering the hair is synthetic have hung in there and been cool. I took these new pictures recently 🙂

Definitely good value for money from NOBLE Hair. I will be taking it out soon and trying some new looks 🙂

What do you think of this curly protective weave?

Hair Notes: New braids without extensions

Before I got my hair done this afternoon as you can see above, I had a bit of a drama-filled day with my mum and an argument in the morning. Just another reason why I want to move out. I swear down, the family drama is wreacking havoc on my hair because it feels stressed.

I feel like there is no way out! At least I got a protective hair style to calm the stress down in my life.

Yarn Twist “Second Attempt”

This past weekend I had my go at yarn twist again and this time around im happy with the results.

It took me 7 hrs to do the this time which I believe I cut 3 hrs of time from the first time I did them.

I was able to find a different technique in cutting the yarn which made the strands even and helped me save time.

I also made sure I did a deep condition before hand and I used Shea butter for moisture. To keep my parts nice and slick I used IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel.

Here are the results …




Protective Style: Weave Sew – In

So instead of going for yarn twist which I had originally planned to do, I opted to try something totally different. This time around I went with a straight weave and had it sewn in by my mother. I have to say I’m really loving it. The total time it took for my hair was about four hours that’s including her braiding my actual hair in cornrows and sewing it in. I have none of my real hair out which is the point because I wanted to give my hair some time off,  so all the hair you see is weave.

So here’s a list of things you should know about the sew-in I got …

  • I made sure I deep conditioned my hair the might before getting it done.
  • The weave I bought was expensive but worth it. I paid $70 its human hair which means you can curl it and wash it. The brand of the hair is called Remy it’s a very good quality and doesn’t shed.
  • My head was very sore the next day because my actual hair is not used to being braided (it’s been years).
  • I have to wrap my hair at night which I don’t miss from back in the day when I had perm, but it makes the hair look a lot better.
  • This sew-in can stay in for at least 3 months if I take care of right.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about it, I really love it and I love the fact that my hair is resting underneath. I’m not use to wearing straight hair but it’s all about trying something new.

p.s. because I work so much I usually throw pics of my hairstyles on fbook first so if you want to see more pics let me know so I can add you.

What do you think? Any questions?


Braids: A Protective Style That Never Goes Out of Style

Braids are one of the most popular styles to wear when it comes to protecting the hair and they’ve been around for so long. I remember admiring Brandy’s braids back in the day when she had her show Moesha and loving Alicia Keys different braid styles she brought to the hair game. Braids can be worn in so many styles you have cornrows, box braids, mohawk braids and that’s just a few to name the least. Braids are also one of those styles that last for a while, you can wear them for about 2 months depending on your preference. Also lets not forget that its one the most common styles worn during the cold winter months and it helps keep your head warm. Although some braid styles take some time to do the style is definitely worth it. Will you be wearing braids this winter?