Did Anyone Read The ESSENCE Roundtable discussion with Solo & Nia?

nia long

I was in Borders today and in the UK, the latest issue of ESSENCE is the one with Nia Long on the cover.

There was an interesting roundtable discussion which included Solo Knowles, Nia of course and the stunning Tanika Ray, as well as Mikki Taylor, Tonya Lewis, Ursula Stephens (Rihanna’s hairdresser) & another lady called Ledisi. Continue reading

The Top 10 Best Sexiest Natural Afro Hair Styles For Black Women

(November 2018 Update – Wow, it’s been 9 years since this post and natural afro hairstyles have only grown in popularity. These looks still look excellent for 2019 and beyond. Always pair hairstyles like this with a groomed and polished makeup look. I like doing these hairstyles while wearing glossy lipstick to truly stand out from the crowd with my natural hair)

10. Yasmin Warsame


I love this look.The short, cropped curls mesh gorgeously with the bodice. It makes you want to chop it all off!

9. Ajuma Naseyana


She is just too beautiful. I have blogged about her before. But I especially love this photo because it shows how cropped natural hair sets off African faces gorgeously. Continue reading