Black Girls in Magazines: Naomi in GIANT

From UrbanCurlz :


As usual, she looks good. But I still think this woman is confused as fuck with those dunce blue contacts she always wears.

Black Girls in Magazines: Naomi Campbell in Mixte

I saw this in Borders the other day but I don’t have a scanner anymore. However, I spotted the images @ StyleFrizz.





Naomi Campbell is a car-crash but her face is just a canvas that makes any look come alive with charm and appeal. Look at the 3rd photograph; it’s like they have taken the Beefeater concept and transformed into this chic, sexy woman. Just gorgeous.

Naomi looks stunning as usual. I just still feel like her career could have transcended magazine covers you know? It just proves for every Naomi, there is a Tyra Banks whose career has stormed out of this world. Naomi could have done the same but…we all know how it has ended.

“They think it’s all over. It is now”

John Motson, the football commentator’s famous catchphrase can be wholly applied to the status of Naomi C’s hair.

 I was on Concrete Loop and saw some suspect pictures of Naomi C. So I decided to do some more looking and just behold what is going on with her weave:

She looks like she has lost a significant strip of hair. Now, my hair is by no means gorgeous or lustrous at all and I am not meaning this in a harsh way against NC but I just think this image is proof that weaves no longer work for her.

She would be so stunning with natural hair for her. But I think the ship has sailed with her on that front. It’s definitely all over now.

[Re]thinking the Weave

I remember the days when I was a weave girl. Those fat cornrows littering the back of my scalp. I could always hear the thread embedding itself in the cornrows, before the sheets of human hair were framing my face.

My friends and I love what I call “weave-watching”, especially on famous people like youknowwho. Critiquing weaves seems to be a favourite past-time for many women, whether you are talking about famous women are not. When I think about the days when I was wearing weaves, I think I always knew it was not me. They made me look like an entirely different person. Continue reading