Weekend hair & make-up: Afro Puffs & Smudged Eyeliner

Dec Hair 1

This is a snapshot of the make-up I had on the weekend. The L’Oreal eyeliner is a bit smudged but it was towards the end of the night. I went to a natural hair salon in town to get the hair done (more on that another day – it was super expensive and not that great to be honest).

How did your make-up look this weekend? Any cool new hairstyles? Let me know!

Make-Up Inspired Look: Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu’s eyes can speak louder than words, but her make-up is definitely hitting the mark. I love how her make-up is simple and sultry at the same time. Last year I treated myself to a Sephora eye shadow pallet with about 36 different colors and I am hoping to achieve this look. What do you think of her make up? Below I’ve come up with a pallet colors that I think is similar to the eye shadow colors she has used. The three I have circled are the colors I think are most prominent in recreating this look.

Hair Notes: Neat Afro + Rimmel Pale Blue Eyeshadow On A Budget

Tools: Afro Comb + Eyeshadow brush

Money spent to achieve the look: £0 (the blue eyeshadow was a gift from one of my best friends)

I’m currently on a strict budget in terms of beauty + fashion + hair, so I can’t spend any excess money on things which I love & want until I sort out my finances & get myself moved out of home.

This means I’ve had to get creative to look nice so I decided to add some blue to my look today with my hair.I found the flower randomly lying in the garden today!

What do you think?

Business Notes: Why businesswomen should stand out with hot beauty products (3+ pix)

Products I used for the spread: Carmex Lip Balm & Collection 2000 Lipgloss

Every day when I am going to work, I have noticed that my beauty regime has changed. I have not worn foundation in a while, but instead I have put the focus on my lips. The products I use are the ones I took in the spread and they make my lips look plump which is something I love. I am a bit of maverick when it comes to looks for business + work and yes shiny lips and lipstick is not something the conservative style heads for business would suggest but if you are starting your own business or you are a consultant, try something new and go against matte! This is why I believe women in business should stand out against the conservative nature of fashion and beauty and look sparkling and bubbly.

Do you think businesswomen should be more conservative or be more unique in their beauty + fashion image? Would it be bad for business to be sultry?