Top 3 tips for taking care of grey hair for black women

black woman with grey hair

Top 3 tips for taking care of grey hair for black women

One of my loyal subscribers, Yvette, asked me to tackle to this topic and I was honoured that she cared enough to get in touch. Grey hair has kind of gone a renaissance – people used to want to hide it but now there are grey ombre hair weaves everywhere and people are embracing it. I couldn’t agree more with it. There is something almost imperial about grey hair. I’m going to share the top 3 tips of taking care of grey hair if you are a black woman. Feel free to use these tips and let me know how you get on.

  • Stop colouring your hair

One of the most important things about managing grey hair is to stay away from colour. If you are a hair dye addict but your hair has started to become grey, just get your colour sugar fix by wearing weaves or wigs. It’s not worth destroying your hair colour especially if you are becoming grey just because you want to have red hair. Black women especially don’t have that luxury because our hair is more prone to breakage compared to other ethnicities.

  • Invest in protective styles

Whether you are an older lady or a younger woman, I believe in the power of protective styles. For grey hair, I love Senegalese twist braids because this protects the strands and you can either opt to have black extensions or you can bask in the beauty of grey hair by choosing grey extensions. You can also do it without extensions as well.

  • Use a good hair vitamin to encourage strength

As women age, keratin and collagen decrease and these are the two most important components for healthy hair and healthy skin. I love the idea of using a decent hair vitamin with Biotin. Some hair vitamins have 5,000 mcg which is a lot. I don’t think you need one this big (although I am a sucker for length so I would get this one LOL). Start taking a good hair vitamin to encourage strength and a healthy appearance in your grey hair. If you want recommendations, get in touch with me and I am happy to share the ones that I like.

The most important thing for black women with grey hair is stay away from anything that encourages breakage in your hair. Whether you are a woman of a certain age or a younger girl, grey hair requires love and care. No pulling, no yanking and don’t overly process your hair either if you aren’t relaxed. I think grey hair for black girls with natural hair is awesome but it needs way more attention than we think. With these 3 tips, you can be well on your way. I’d love to know what you all think of these tips.