Behind the scenes at my photoshoot for my website

Take a look at some of these pictures that were the behind the scenes images for, which is my personal website where I will be storing business ideas, content and offering business services to potential clients. When the images for the website are ready, I will definitely share them.

Images for my website were taken by Beautiful Imperfectionz, a dope Tanzanian photography company – check them out!


Shoot 3




What do you think? Let me know 😉

Charcoal Questions: Who Designed Alicia’s Dress?

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Whoever can find out who was the designer of this dress will get all the stan points I usually give to Beyoncé. I am promise and we all know how much I stan for her. I am pretty sure it is a designer but I will probably try and find a seamstress in north London to try and replicate it, especially the crazy look of the bottom of the dress!

Question of the Day

Question of the Day: Why is Kate Moss everywhere in UK Fashion ?

Anyone who can create a justifiable answer as to why that trog is everywhere from Topshop to Rimmel adverts will receive a free plaudit from me. Promise. I really do not understand why Topshop feel the need to coat this girl in so much fucking attention. I don’t business about Kate Moss! Lol, today has been a mediocre day. I am starting to feel pressure, so here is me thinking that I may go for some retail therapy on Sunday, maybe go to Topshop because I do love it. So I check out the website and of course Kate Moss is there, everywhere! Who cares ? Continue reading