Poll: Romantic Swine — What would you do…

…So he knows. It’s ambivalent and hurtful — no concrete answers available for me as to what’s what. I’m stuck in the dark as I haven’t heard. People are telling me to let it go and that he isn’t interested.

Really sad and distressed about this whole thing.

I’m worried I may be in love with him.


Charcoal Question: Would You…

….tell a guy you fancy/have a crush on that you want to be with them or would you be too scared?

I’ve got a crush…

….on someone.

This is so silly, but there is this black man who cuts hair in the area where I live in east London. I am terrified LOL of saying where it is, for fear of anyone figuring out who it is, but wow… he is just gorgeous. You know the way some men know they are good looking? I think he knows he is, but he’s one of those cute guys who you can’t take your eyes off. I’m crazy enough to get my hair trimmed in that barbers just to look at him.

Do you lot have fancy anyone at the moment? How do you act with them?