Top 5 Best Cardi B Hairstyles

A group of Cardi B hairstyles

One thing I love about Cardi B’s hairstyles is that her looks always change her entire face. She can look so different depending on which hair colour she is wearing. She tends to wear wefts and wigs but I have noticed that I like her looks most when she contrasts between blonde weaves and black lace fronts. She tends to keep her makeup subtle when she has bright hair or she will contrast a vibrant makeup look with a soft hair style. Which of these top 5 are your favourite? I would love to know. Don’t forget to check out BeyoncĂ©’s top 10 hairstyles as well.

Top 5 Cardi B Hairstyles

[Click each image to enlarge and see in detail within the gallery]

Which of these hairstyles is your favourite? I actually like the blonde wig she wore when she did a YouTube segment for GQ. I like the dark contrast of those roots as well. I would love to know which one is your favourite.

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