Black Girls in Magazines: Amber Rose in In Tandem Magazine

{Image from Hip Hop Chronicle}

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Black Girls in Magazines: Mariah in Guardian Weekend/Talks About Her Identity as a BLACK WOMAN

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. Mariah is black. She says so in this issue of Guardian Weekend (3/10/2009) which I bought last weekend. This image below is from the feature.

Mimi 2

Full scans of the full article where Mariah categorically says: “I am a black woman who is very light-skinned” are below. Please read! I am eager to discuss with you lot 😉 There are more pix as well. Standard attribution rules apply so please share the scans but let me have the credit HA!

Mimi 1Mimi 3

Mimi 4Mimi 5

Click the images above to make bigger.

Key quotes include:

“My mother’s white…but there’s another side that makes me who I am”

When I actually went to scan this mag at university yesterday, the helpful IT man at the IT centre asked me why I was a fan of Mimi. I said: “I just love her. I think she’s great”. He said he didn’t like her because he felt like she was over the top, and preferred low-key artists like Alicia Keys. I told him that I liked Mariah because she is over-the-top but she is actually really sarcastic about it.

A lot of her post-Mottola tracks are actually very tongue-in-cheek and that is the thing about Mimi — she does know how to laugh at herself. She is one of my faves, along with Bee of course.

She is 39 now, one of the best-selling artists in recording music history but still catches flack. LOL, The one thing I do wish for her is to have children. My mum was 41 when she gave birth to my younger sister, so go for it Mimi [1], you still have loads of time!

[1] – And Tyra too, I see you there 😉

Black Girls in Magazines: Solange in & Does HoneyMag have an Image crisis?

Images nicked with love from Monie On The Outside.

Solange: Needless to say, Solange looks wicked. This haircut really is her crowning glory in terms of her looks. She looks like an African queen who just stepped off the catwalk in lacquered thigh-high boots, and decided to go fuschia on us. She looks fantastic. What do you think? You can read Solo’s full interview here. Honey folded the print title of the mag a few years ago but have seen a renaissance of late online. But I am still ambivalent towards who they are featuring. On the front page at the time of writing this post, they had a picture of Dita von Teese on the site. But I thought the magazine was for black women?? I just am confused as to who they are targeting exactly. Whilst they do get good interviews, I am just wondering what their actual vision is and if the magazine is indeed for black women.

Black Girls in Magazines: Rihanna in Vogue Italia

One of the scans has leaked for the Vogue Italia issue. Naturally as she is a black woman, I shall be buying this issue.


[Image seen @ Concrete Loop]

This is one of the first pictures that have leaked, but according to CL, it is a cover for a supplement so there will be more pictures.

It’s like they have gone for a hybrid look of half Glamazon/half Boudicca. I really like the look of this first shot. I wonder how this ramped up Grace Jones-esque will impact the sound of her album.

Black Girls in Magazines: Arlenis Sosa/TRACE

Image found @ Nu Kynk


Cute cover. Is TRACE still in shops these days? Not trying to be cute but I honestly haven’t seen it in Borders here in months.

My issue with TRACE is I get the impression it wants to be cultural magazine for all races, then has issues like Black Girls Rule. Isn’t that a bit…odd?

I just don’t understand TRACE’s message even when I used to read it.

Black Girls in Magazines: Rihanna on VIBE (May 2009)

The always wickedly cool Monie has put up a first shot of the VIBE cover with Rihanna, so here it is, courtesy of Monie On The Outside.  

The image itself is beautiful but actually, why are VIBE giving this a cover when it happened weeks ago? Unless Rihanna is willing to talk publicly about it, there will be nothing exclusive about the article.

It is no secret that I am not a huge fan of VIBE at the moment. It has sunk below sea level with how bollocks it has become. But I am more than SURE Rihanna will not have been interviewed for this magazine so why do a feature on it unless she is talking? I will take back what I said if she spills but, I doubt her PR would allow that.

At any rate, the image is wicked. I am seriously wondering what will happen to Rihanna’s career after this whole debacle because as much as I still listen to SOS [1] when I am jogging, I think her silence on the issue will hurt her in the face of her young female fans who need to see strong women making a stand.

P/S – As usual with all black girls on magazine covers, I will be buying this issue when it finally gets to London so expect the full scans and article as usual.

[1] – Don’t pretend, SOS is still a banger and better than any of the songs she has released since. LOL!

Black Girls in Magazines: Beyoncé in EBONY (9+ HQ Scans)

A relevant B post for once, Charcoalies. I have included 9+ scans of her photoshoot & article in EBONY (April 09).


I know that dress is a Dereon garment. I am not feeling it at any rate though to be honest. Still love this woman though. Check thumbnails below.

This was a hot shoot. I like the curls in her headpiece. I am definitely feeling them.

Black Girls in Magazines: Taraji, Iman & Serena in ESSENCE (April 2009)


I scanned this early last week. This April issue is actually very good, but I don’t understand why ESSENCE cannot just give Taraji her own cover? They had a full page scan of her before, which I scanned here and the issue before that which I also scanned. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iman & Serena but it’s Taraji’s time to shine so why can’t she just have her own cover? The girl has loads of personality and would be a fantastic interviewee.

ESSENCE do well and then do false starts like this. What do you think?