The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles Hair 2006

Beyoncé’s hair has gone through incredible transformations in her 20+ year career as an entertainer and performer. I am a big fan of her music but I have always loved her approach to her hair. She loves blonde hair, but she does surprise us every now and then with her wigs and her natural hair is very long as well. Here are her top 10 best hairstyles.

My favourite hairstyle is her hair during the B’Day era of 2006. The wispy layers just made her skin and beauty pop like nothing else. I hope she brings that style back!

The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles [Gallery + Click to Enlarge Each Picture]

She seems to like sticking to honey blonde. I have seen pictures of her with brown hair and she does look wonderful with brown but she has her signature which is honey blonde hair with dark tones every now and then. Her makeup tends to match the warmth of her hair colour which is something that I find interesting.

Which one is your favourite?

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Hot Hair: Beyoncé’s Ice Cold Curls

Get in! The picture below shows it all:

[Image: Necole Bitchie]

Beyoncé’s hair and style

I am feeling the Wilma Flintstone style of her look here and Charcoal points for anyone who can name the designer of her leopard-print cardigan and the shoes!

Do you like the hair? I am suspecting she did the front look with tongs, but a large barrel, and pinned it back with kirby grips. I think the big curls could also look nice with a slouchy hat.

Her style is actually pretty laid-back and that is what I love about her candid looks.

How-to: Beyoncé’s 80s curls in London last week

Beyoncé’s 80s hair is doing it for me at the moment!

The picture below shows Beyoncé in London shopping in TopShop on Oxford Street. I love the 80s look. Here is how I would recreate it:

1) Use a hair polisher like IC before *lightly* blow-drying my hair on the cool setting. Sounds like an oxymoron, but this way, I can get a semi-straight look without putting my Afro hair through too much heat.

2) Tong the front and back of my hair with a thin barrel. I think for this look, they used thin and wide barrel tongs, but I would err on using thin barrels to do the littlest amount of work to the hair but for the maximum effect of getting curls.

Do you like Beyoncé’s look here, and would you attempt it with natural or extensions? Let us know. If you liked this post, don’t forget to subscribe for free.