Statement Eyebrows & My Box Braids [Makeup Look]


I think statement eyebrows help braids pop – did this natural look for an attempt at casual hair & beauty – what do you think?

Lips: Vaseline Rosy Lip Balm & Carmex Lip Balm

Eyes: Black eyeshadow for the local beauty shop, Rimmel Mascara and I used L’Oreal liquid eyeshadow to make the eyebrows look extreme.

Top 4 fashion & beauty items I am checking for (after frugal season ends)

I am definitely being frugal right now in my life, because there are a lot of things to pay for, but I’ve told myself when I sort out situation such as moving out and having a streamlined budget, I will treat myself.

1. Prada limited edition Infusion d’Iris Absolue

Price: £80

[Exclusive to Selfridges]

2. ASOS Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Price: £12

3. ASOS Boyfriend Watch

Price: £35

4. ASOS Satchel

Price: £52

Total: £179

Time to start saving!

What are you looking forward to for fashion & beauty?

8 ways women can save money with hair & beauty purchases

Bria Murphy, Dark & Lovely's new global ambassador - but how can we save on purchasing her company's products?

  1. Use the internet: I have seen so many good deals for hair extensions for African-American consumers. Sadly, many of these good deals for $9.99 packs of hair or $5.99 packs of hair do not extend to other African countries so I would suggest that consumers in the US take advantage of these offers. Continue reading

Marble Inspired Nail Art

If there is one thing I enjoy it’s being creative, and when it comes to my nails I always make sure their decked out. Whether it’s a blue stripe here, a little bling there, or a bright color nail polish I’m always trying something new with my nails. I decided why not share with you all my nail designs and maybe even do some video tutorials. This week I decided to attempt a marble nail design, and after a couple attempts it wasn’t that hard at all. Here are two pictures of my final results. What do you think? Also would you be interested in nail art video tutorials? If so please answer the survey below.

Natural Hair & Beauty: Why Lipstick is Your Hair’s Long Lost Love

I have this love affair with lipstick. The creamy gloss of my red Givenchy lipstick that I bought in Martinique is firmly entrenched in my memory. My mother already took this lipstick of mine, having seen why it is beautiful! I started to deeply fall for lipstick after I turned natural.

Lipstick transformed my Afros from this thick globes of hair that I love to globes of hair with a colourful edge.

Do you like lipstick? How do you work your makeup into your natural hair look?


According to, glamour can be described as “the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, esp. by a combination of charm and good looks”. I think glamour is one of those attractions that many women search for when they go on diets, try and lose weight, buy makeup etc. Why are we so attracted to the notion of being ‘alluring’ or ‘fascinating’? Is it because our egos need to be stroked?

What women in your eyes are glamorous and does this reality make you feel less than a woman or do you seek to emulate them? I can think of women who appear to be glamorous such as the old-guard veterans like Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge and new school women like Naomi Campbell, Beyonce. Then, I think, why does them being ‘glamorous’ seem so positive? I think women and beauty are inextricably linked and as much as we may like to deny it, glamour and beauty is desired by many of us. There are different variations of glamour & beauty within all races but at the end of the day, looking good is the commodity that everyone wants.

Plastic surgery has been the next step up for many people to attain the beautiful/glamorous look. If looks are so important, do you judge other people by the way they look? I have definitely been a culprit of this before and I hasten to say that I still am a culprit when it comes to myself since I really want to achieve a certain look with my hair. Does that mean that I am ‘vain’ or am I just a normal girl who is into her looks?

women of all races do things to their faces to look different. Are we masking our true selves or enhancing it? I went through a phase of wearing makeup all the time but now I don’t wear that much, only if I can be bothered. I don’t think that wearing makeup all the time screams of insecurity but it wholly depends on what type of woman you are.

Personality is paramount. It’s a shame that we still put ourselves under unattainable beauty standards to look one way, when we could just be happy with ourselves. When someone says you are ‘beautiful’, that evokes positivity. The case of ‘Ugly Betty’ is probably the best example — a woman who in fact is stunning made to look ‘ugly’ so we can see her personality shine through…Is this distateful?