New beauty brand ‘Whipped’ started by African-American businesswoman catches my eye

I was reading Black Enterprise and I stumbled upon this new black beauty brand called whipped run by an African-American woman called Lauren Doggett.  My mouth is watering when I saw some of the following products that are available for sale on her website:

Lip Creme

Lip cremes available from whipped (picture from the company’s website)

Normally when I read about new beauty + hair companies that are being started up, I don’t feel that fired up or interested by them but this whipped brand seems really different. I have never bought anything from whipped but just her concept of only making beauty products that are whipped from natural ingredients seems so unique and a fresh take on beauty. It’s a shame she doesn’t ship to Tanzania as I would definitely consider buying.

Looks like the beauty market is heating up with lots of new brands and companies popping up. Have you guys seen any new companies that you think deserve a mention?

Top 4 fashion & beauty items I am checking for (after frugal season ends)

I am definitely being frugal right now in my life, because there are a lot of things to pay for, but I’ve told myself when I sort out situation such as moving out and having a streamlined budget, I will treat myself.

1. Prada limited edition Infusion d’Iris Absolue

Price: £80

[Exclusive to Selfridges]

2. ASOS Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Price: £12

3. ASOS Boyfriend Watch

Price: £35

4. ASOS Satchel

Price: £52

Total: £179

Time to start saving!

What are you looking forward to for fashion & beauty?