Top 5 Best Hair & Beauty Products for Black Women

Hair and beauty tips for black girls

5 Awesome Hair and Beauty Products for Black Women

It is Christmas so obviously there is a sense of festive cheer all around the world. This got me thinking about my favourite beauty products that I have personally used and spent my hard-earned female cash on LOL. It wouldn’t feel right for me not share any leads with you girls especially if you are shopping for friends and family. These aren’t affiliate links so I am not being paid for these recommendations however it would be amazing if you do like this post, just check out my Etsy store to check out my Christmas card listings if you are interested. These are my 5 ultimate favourite hair and beauty products and I cannot wait to purchase them for Christmas.

1—MAC Lipstick in Twig

MAC Lipstick in Twig

This is one of my favourite lipstick ever. This picture doesn’t do it justice. I am dark-skinned and it looks wonderful on me for that Instagram-glossy makeup look that we see everywhere.

2–IC Fantasia Heat Protectant Serum 

IC Fantasia Serum Heat 1

This is one of my favourite heat protectants for black hair because it softens your hair, doesn’t change your curl pattern either. I haven’t done a blow dry in a while but I find this serum excellent for stretching 4C hair without heat and it is also good for daily moisture.

3–MAC Lipstick in Photo

Mac Lipstick in Line

This is my favourite nude brown lipstick for black girls. I think it is the best nude brown lipstick in the world. So creamy, so chocolatey, so amazing!

4–Creme of Nature Argan Buttermilk

argan buttermilk

This is the best hair moisturiser for 4C hair – yes you heard it here first. It is hard to find but you can get it at Amazon. It’s $5.05 for US customers, £8.99 for UK customers on Amazon UK and it ships internationally.

5–MAC Lipstick in Heroine

mac heroine lipstick

This is a super vibrant shade of purple that leans towards violet. I love how creamy the texture is and it always brings me tonnes of compliments from men and women about how good I look with it. Definitely recommend.

These 5 products are amazing and I genuinely adore them so much. I can’t wait to stock up on them before Christmas. Which ones are your favourites? Let me know if you decide to choose some Christmas gifts from this list. You can also visit my Etsy store to get more Christmas inspiration.

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