{Image} My Afro decorated with circle earrings


This is a shot of me experimenting with earrings to make my Afro up. I think a bejewelled Afro can work and especially for going out for example. What do you think?

2 reasons I have to go to the salon *each week*

I went to the post office today, and decided to stop off at a little tiny hair salon in Mikocheni to get my hair washed and blow-dried [so sorry no pix!]. My scalp is ferocious and I have noticed getting it washed by a professional is the only way to keep it in check. At first, the birds in the salon seemed a bit too relaxed, but this laissez-faire thing is the Tanzanian way, I am learning.

Now, I have realised I have two reasons to go to the hair salon each week:

1. Getting my hair washed: This girl did a great job of scalp massage while washing, which is a very difficult art to perfect. I love getting my hair washed at the salon where the person incorporates scalp massage. This is great. The only down thing was the water was cold, though I suspect this was due to the power outage that affected the whole area.

2. The price: After she blow-dried my hair, she coiffed it into a circular retro Martha & the Vandellas Afro that looked really lovely. I also got my eyebrows waxed, all for 6,000 Tanzanian shillings which is basically £2.50! Talk about stepping into the bargain basement!

Because of the intense heat in Tanzania, my scalp is in overdrive at the moment so I think I will be going to see this woman often to get my hair washed.


Afro-Sexy: Don’t worry about her taking your man, worry about HER!

[Yes, I know I have posted this picture of Wakeema before, but I can’t help myself! It makes the post make sense]

However, when I see a stunning woman and if I am with someone at the time, I am like, please do not let him see this bird!

Natural hair just elevates a black woman’s face. It’s really hard to describe, but check out this woman called Monique who is featured on Black Girl with Long Hair today. She has a gorgeous bunch of Afro hair on her head. If she was after your man, you better be worried because the woman is beautiful!

Afro-Sexy people, never forget it!