The Return of the Afro Mohawk – April 2013

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For more pictures of the Afro Mohawk, please add me on Facebook 🙂 I got this done just now at the local salon – hair wash, blow-dry and she styled it in an afro-mohawk. I have to say, I am a definite blow-dry addict who needs to cut down on how much I do it but I love the results at the same time. It’s so hard! I wasn’t feeling sexy, got my hair down and now I feel GOOD.

What do you think of this hair style?


I love this Afro mohawk but…

…does it only look good from the side?

[Image Source: Vex in the City]

-Don’t make me get Caesar on your bum! I love the Roman centurion look crossed with Afro curls. That is really hot.
-This hairstyle would suit going out to the club or even an adventurous date, depending on what the man is like himself.
-This hairstyle would suit someone in a creative industry like fashion, music or art. Continue reading