July 2012 Afro Hair Update – is my hair growing?

Took this picture last week; I am trying to get my hair to grow. I have noticed since I’ve included avocadoes and cucumbers in my diet, my hair has become much softer. The problem with me is I am impatient when it comes to growth. I just feel like since 2007, it hasn’t been the same since I cut it.

I’m on a blow-dry heat ban for a long time. Haven’t put heat on it in a while and my hair shrinks way too much.

Does my hair grow?


Hair Notes: How I looked like when I saw a hot new guy…

This was my look on Saturday night (afro + nars blush + mac lipstick). Had I known I would meet such a good looking guy, I would have made more of an effort. I am totally over my loser ex-boyfriend and I have a little crush now on this new guy but don’t know how to proceed from here.

Any tips?

How avocados have made my Afro look soft

I started eating avocados for lunch with a mixture of salad & rice, and just eating them for 3 days in a row, I am not kidding when I say that my hair felt so soft to the touch whenever I was trying to brush it while moist. Even after it dried, I definitely think the healthier option of eating avocados has helped my hair look more plush.

What vegetables have you noticed to help your hair look soft & fluffy?

The best hair Solange Knowles has *ever* had

Bad Bitch Status!

I want this look! What do you think?

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Hair Notes: Bitches ain’t shit and they can’t say nothing! (2+ pictures)

It’s a been a while coalies – I have been like a pregnant bear, working away but I went to the salon on the weekend and got my hair coiffed. What do you think?

I love Nicki Minaj’s new song, but after just a few days of not reading gossip blogs, I have realised what nonsense they are. All kinds of ratchet behaviour and comments from celebrities – who cares!

Hair Notes: February 2012 Afro Hair Update

This is a picture of my Afro last weekend when I was walking on the beach with my friend.

One of the biggest things I have noticed recently is what a time-vacuum natural hair. I really do like being natural but it takes up so much time which is why going to the hair salon makes a lot of sense – I understand the merit behind people who go the hair salon now because taking care of hair really time-consuming. This does inspire me to actually spend lots of time focusing on getting good clients so I can afford the luxury of having a stylist to take care of my hair who knows what the hell she is doing.

Do you think natural hair is time-consuming?