5 awesome natural hairstyles for you

I am in love with these natural hairstyles and I can definitely see women wearing them and looking incredible. Which ones would you try out?

5. High Bun

Hair 1

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I love this bun – it would look gorgeous for work and play!

4. Curly Twist Out

Hair 2

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Solange looks gorgeous with this twist out – I’d love something like this! Continue reading


The Return of the Afro Mohawk – April 2013

ah 3 1

AH 1 1

For more pictures of the Afro Mohawk, please add me on Facebook 🙂 I got this done just now at the local salon – hair wash, blow-dry and she styled it in an afro-mohawk. I have to say, I am a definite blow-dry addict who needs to cut down on how much I do it but I love the results at the same time. It’s so hard! I wasn’t feeling sexy, got my hair down and now I feel GOOD.

What do you think of this hair style?

Hair Paparazzi: Solange Knowles strikes back

Saw this picture of Sol Angel a few days ago from her new Time Out magazine shoot. She is fire engine hot!

I love the shades. Makes me want to not have a protective hair style right now. Sorry for the few days gap of lack of posts, was snowed under with work – trying to make that money LOL!

[Image Source: Time Out but can’t find the link]

Tracee Ellis Ross, Her Hot Natural Hair and Her Boyfriend!

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This is no gossip blog by any means but Tracee is a natural hair O.G (#bowdown) and it was her birthday a while ago. And her rumoured boyfriend is Bu Thiam, Akon’s brother – and boy, do they look sizzling together or what.

It’s been a long arse day working on the business today, and I thought I’d catch up on my gossip as a break, and I had no idea she was dating Akon’s brother.

I read a few ignorant comments about how dark he is and how light she is – and it’s like whatever – their looks and that skin contrast looks hot as fuck, let’s be real people! One poster at the YBF even said that thing about the skin contrast between them and I agree – they look good!

Makes me want to go find a Senegalese bloke right.now!

Why I have fallen out of love with new age ”natural hair” cosmetic companies

In this previous post, I talked about how Steve Stoute has essentially sold Carol’s Daughter down the River Styx of natural hair by no longer targeting exclusively to black women. Carol’s Daughter have shown as with other businesses, that black money is only good enough for the beginnings when a business needs cash but once it grows, they don’t give a fuck. Wake up folks, black money is only relevant when they need us in the beginning but it fades to black once success hits! Continue reading

Meet Writer and Natural Hair Rocker Precious Williams

Precious Williams UK writer and author of the book Precious (Color Blind U.S. version) shares with us how she became a writer and what inspired her to write her first book. Along with being a writer Precious rocks natural hair and shares with us her natural hair journey. Continue reading