Top 5 Best Cardi B Hairstyles

A group of Cardi B hairstyles

One thing I love about Cardi B’s hairstyles is that her looks always change her entire face. She can look so different depending on which hair colour she is wearing. She tends to wear wefts and wigs but I have noticed that I like her looks most when she contrasts between blonde weaves and black lace fronts. She tends to keep her makeup subtle when she has bright hair or she will contrast a vibrant makeup look with a soft hair style. Which of these top 5 are your favourite? I would love to know. Don’t forget to check out Beyoncé’s top 10 hairstyles as well.

Top 5 Cardi B Hairstyles

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Which of these hairstyles is your favourite? I actually like the blonde wig she wore when she did a YouTube segment for GQ. I like the dark contrast of those roots as well. I would love to know which one is your favourite.

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The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles Hair 2006

Beyoncé’s hair has gone through incredible transformations in her 20+ year career as an entertainer and performer. I am a big fan of her music but I have always loved her approach to her hair. She loves blonde hair, but she does surprise us every now and then with her wigs and her natural hair is very long as well. Here are her top 10 best hairstyles.

My favourite hairstyle is her hair during the B’Day era of 2006. The wispy layers just made her skin and beauty pop like nothing else. I hope she brings that style back!

The Top 10 Best Beyoncé Hairstyles [Gallery + Click to Enlarge Each Picture]

She seems to like sticking to honey blonde. I have seen pictures of her with brown hair and she does look wonderful with brown but she has her signature which is honey blonde hair with dark tones every now and then. Her makeup tends to match the warmth of her hair colour which is something that I find interesting.

Which one is your favourite?

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Don’t hate me – I love Joseline Hernandez’s hair!

….in the Black Men magazine cover shoot that is, I know this shoot was done earlier this year but her hair in this picture looks awesome and gorgeous. Say what you want about this woman but she is definitely entertaining and her figure is insane. I’ve cropped the pictures so they are safe to view at work. Check out the top half of the cover below – look at the length of the waves and curls and the look, gorgeous!

Joseline 5

Why I want a protective style like this

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From Copenhagen to London – Malaika’s story on black hair

Hair is personal to all women especially black women. Malaika is a Danish-Tanzanian marketing officer in London who had several things to say about her relationship with her hair. Charcoal Ink caught up with her for her unique global perspective and how that’s coloured her view on black hair:


On her memories with hair:

I kind of just go with the flow. My whole childhood and teen years was just my afro strapped up in a ponytail as I didn’t have many options. Then I colored my hair blond and got extensions in which was pure impulse. I didn’t really like the feeling of heavy hair on top of my own so I took them out and bought clip-on hair so I can take it out in the evening and wash my hair!


On the differences between Denmark & London on black hair & Afro hair trends:

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Hair Paparazzi: Solange Knowles strikes back

Saw this picture of Sol Angel a few days ago from her new Time Out magazine shoot. She is fire engine hot!

I love the shades. Makes me want to not have a protective hair style right now. Sorry for the few days gap of lack of posts, was snowed under with work – trying to make that money LOL!

[Image Source: Time Out but can’t find the link]

The Braid Is Back

The last post I wrote I ranted on the 3 hair trends that I hope would die down soon, and now I’m starting to see a frenzy of new hair trends that are catching my eye. For example the braid is back! From big braid, fishtail braid, side braid the braid is back in many ways and I have to say I like it. I’ve always liked braids because you do so much with them. Here are some braid styles I’m digging at the moment.

Side Braid

The Fishtail Braid

Greek Braid

As always what’s your thoughts on the braid?

3 Hair Trends I Hope Kick The Bucket

1. Shaved Side Heads – When Cassie first shaved her head there were so many mixed reviews, but as the days and weeks seem to pass women all around started to shave the side of their heads. Yes it was cool at some point but now it’s just getting old and over the top … I’m over it.

2. Lace Front Wigs – I think Beyoncé started this trend and  I believe she’s the only one that can truly rock it. Lace fronts became popular overnight, and celebrities like Brandy and Kelly Rowland indulged themselves in the many styles they come in. I seen an article discussing lace fronts on Clutch Mag basically stating that the wigs look ridiculously fake and I have to agree they look nothing natural to say the least and I’ve seen so many celebs that just look horrible in them.

3. Mohawks – I remember back in college 3 years ago just about everyone on campus was rocking a variation of some sort of Mohawk. Even the whole track team at my school was rocking a hawk even to the coaches. I’m not saying Mohawks are particularly a hott mess, I’m just saying I would like to see something new. ( See the combo of shaved head + mohawk)

Are there any I miss?

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