Behind the scenes at my photoshoot for my website

Take a look at some of these pictures that were the behind the scenes images for, which is my personal website where I will be storing business ideas, content and offering business services to potential clients. When the images for the website are ready, I will definitely share them.

Images for my website were taken by Beautiful Imperfectionz, a dope Tanzanian photography company – check them out!


Shoot 3




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The rise of style blogs by black women

High Fashion 1

The glossy world of stylish black fashionistas

If you read the western media, you would think style blogs are just for European women but there is a fast rising overclass of black women who know what they want and they are showing off their fashion style with aplomb through style blogging. From Angolan fashion superstar Soraya de Carvalho to edgy fashionista Fennella Miller, there are some true gorgeous pictures and outfit ensembles which show what we have always known: black women are stylish glamazons who are taking their rightful place as leaders of fashion. Claire from The Fashion Bomb was one of the first I can remember who showcased black fashion style and now there are many many fashionists who share their websites with rich and textured websites like Black and Killing It as well as mainstream media like Grazia magazine and Vogue Italia. London is definitely my favourite when it comes to locations for style bloggers of African origins including Melissa of Melissa’s Wardrobe who has some lovely outfits and excellent taste in footwear.

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