Standing Alone?

One theme I picked up on when I was in Paris was the concept of national identity. My friend  is from French Guyana, a departement of France which borders with Suriname in South American. My friend is one of the kindest and most sincerest people I  have ever met.

I learnt a lot about French Guyana and I met many people from there. I am very curious about the ambiguous relationship that the French overseas departements have with France. When I did my French exchange in 2006 in Martinique, I learnt a lot about some Martinicans who want independence. Continue reading

Natural Hair: Am I the only one who has Lost respect for Joy Bryant?

[Still on hiatus. Will be back soon]

I found this today via Necole Bitchie, and just knew I had to blog on it. Must say I am shocked at how Joy Bryant is taking shots at the natural hair movement through trying to tear Tyra Banks down.

Sometimes Tyra is misguided but she always tries to start a dialogue and keep people discussing which really matters. I didn’t hear Joy banging on about being a weave-a-holic until after Tyra brought this discussion on TV so……NEXT!

And I need the people who try and be reductive by saying it is just hair to fuck off the hair posts then. Anyone else read Joy’s ESSENCE post and realise that she actually knows fuck all about the natural hair movement at all?

Whitney on Oprah: Why Powerful Women & Weaker Men Don’t Work…

Just seen a few short clips of Whitney on Oprah, but I don’t have Diva on my telly so I can’t watch the full thing yet. Here’s a short clip of Whitney talking about Bobby:

Whitney makes a comment about how when the woman has power in a relationship (which in this case was W’s career), this can cause trouble in a relationship.


Why is it that an ambitious woman cannot be with a non ambitious man, but an ambitious man can be with a non-driven woman?

I am delighted to see Whitney look healthy and stunning! She has always been a beautiful, gorgeous woman, but she looks great.

And is it just me or is her speaking voice like milk & honey? Honestly, I could listen to her read me a book all day. I love her speaking voice.

**don’t get mad at me, cos I’m still gon’ be….oh you’re wrong don’t wanna respect my song but it’s okay cos either way…** >> charcoal points for guessing which Whitney song that is from LOL!

P/S – I know Whitney was born in the north of the US, but does anyone else think she has a Southern accent a little?

“It’s a Beyoncé & Rihanna World, Cassie!”

Wow. I’m a media person but wow, this man went all guns blazing for Cassie.

One US DJ has a mouth on him. Check out the audio in the YT Video below where Charlamagne, the DJ, tells Cassie:

Speak up girl, it’s a Beyoncé & Rihanna World, you need to be heard!

Cassie even says: “So, I live in a Rihanna & Beyoncé World?”

 I don’t like the idea of there being one or two hot black singers, but it is fair to say that Bee singlehandlely thumps peoples careers with her worldwide sold out tours, #1 hit singles. Beyoncé’s husband’s protégé, Rihanna, is not doing badly either.

Maybe the DJ has a point: Do Bee & R have monopoly on popularity? As many of you know I can barely be unbiased as I run Beyoncé’s Lair, my blog about Bey. LOL!  To be fair to Cassie, she did come across really nicely in the interview and she does have a good ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and I am glad she addressed the pussy pictures leaking as well. She knows she is a role model, so I am glad she addressed that.

I am looking forward to reading any comments from you lot regarding the B&R world comment!

Fashion Notes: Silhouettes…

[Image: Beyonce’s Lair – that’s me folks!]

One of my friends has agreed to make a dress for me in a few months so I have been thinking about what kind of shapes and silhouettes I want for my dress. I love this figure-hugging look that Beyoncé has in the Déja Vu* video.

It looks sensual, but not slutty. It looks the like the kind of dress that your husband wants you to wear lol. The only problem for me is the lack of straps on the dress, which would not work with my chest, trust me.

10 Things A Natural Girl (Me) Noticed in a Black Hair Salon

[I wrote this @ The Afro Spear and have cross-posted it here]

Last weekend, I went with a close friend of mine at a hair salon in east London. My friend was getting a weave done, however, just sitting with her was such a ripe opportunity for me to observe how some black women act within the space of the hair salon.

10. The sharp smell of smoke that was piping out of one patron’s head as she sat underneath the dryer! I never noticed how thick the plumes of smoke can get.

9. How the rattail combs poke in and out of people’s heads as they undo their braids underneath their long weaves.

8. The stitching together of weaves could be a metaphor of how we need to stick together as black people. Continue reading

The Wire on BBC: These 4 Men Were Gorgeous!

The Wire has just come on BBC. The first ever episode so I am watching it now and WOW, how gorgeous are the men here? I knew about Idris’ fine arse being on The Wire but you lot did not tell me about this guy, Wood Harris. I remember him from Above The Rim & Remember The Titans. He is absolutely gorgeous.


Dominic West can get it. We all know I’m about the black but he is with David Beckham and Eminem on the ship of cute white guys.

Idris Elba – This man looks like he could convert any woman. Just beautiful.

4. Michael K. Williams

This man has a nubian, almost regal look to him. Very sexy in my book at any rate.

[Images: That’s wack, Urban Mecca, The Guardian, & Miss Expose]

Quote of the Week/Month: LMAO!

Beyoncéitis is one of most biting, hilarious blogs on the net. I laughed when I read this:

(SIDEBAR: Can we write Beyonce a hot Monster’s Ball love scene or something? I know she’s married but I need passion! Beyonce needs to make us feel like she wants the dick! That’s what wins Oscars!) Continue reading