Protective weaves, false eyelashes & icy cocktails – just a Charcoal Ink night out…

Was out with my girls this weekend. Here is how my hair & makeup looked 🙂

Top 4 fashion & beauty items I am checking for (after frugal season ends)

I am definitely being frugal right now in my life, because there are a lot of things to pay for, but I’ve told myself when I sort out situation such as moving out and having a streamlined budget, I will treat myself.

1. Prada limited edition Infusion d’Iris Absolue

Price: £80

[Exclusive to Selfridges]

2. ASOS Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Price: £12

3. ASOS Boyfriend Watch

Price: £35

4. ASOS Satchel

Price: £52

Total: £179

Time to start saving!

What are you looking forward to for fashion & beauty?

Hair Notes: Neat Afro + Rimmel Pale Blue Eyeshadow On A Budget

Tools: Afro Comb + Eyeshadow brush

Money spent to achieve the look: £0 (the blue eyeshadow was a gift from one of my best friends)

I’m currently on a strict budget in terms of beauty + fashion + hair, so I can’t spend any excess money on things which I love & want until I sort out my finances & get myself moved out of home.

This means I’ve had to get creative to look nice so I decided to add some blue to my look today with my hair.I found the flower randomly lying in the garden today!

What do you think?

A vision board goal achieved: The perfume I have always wanted…

…is finally here. For some silly reason, the picture of me with it won’t upload on wordpress, but it is the Prada Infusion d’Iris:

I am absolutely delighted to finally have it. I have wanted it for almost 2 years when I first saw the scent while I was studying but I left England, could not find it here. I bought it and it arrived.

I’m in love – it’s a fresh, citrusy, freshly laundered smell so it works well in the tropics here. It’s got this kind of powdery base to it which is so fresh and feminine.

How the vision board worked: I ripped out a magazine advertisement of the Infusion d’Iris perfume and I put it on my door. I know it is a superficial goal but it definitely is one I wanted because I want to smell nice and clean, and it is scent I have always wanted.

How are vision boards helping you? Do you think it’s superficial to have material vision targets?

Business Notes: My make-up look for a day of prospecting and general work

Blogs like the yummy 411 inspire me to get my beauty look sorted and it is so important I think when trying to make a good impression on clients if you are meeting them for face to face sales. I did this look a few days ago before I started the work day.

Is looking good important to you when you are at work?

Pre-New Year’s Eve Fashion & Beauty Bash

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a Pre-New Year’s Eve Fashion & Beauty Bash hosted by blogger Curly Lexi from Curls Coils and Kinks and stylist and makeup artist Danielle from The Style & Beauty Doctor. The event took place in Atlanta at Sole Shoes where attendees were able to shop, mingle, and discuss natural hair.

Throughout the event they had many beauty stations including an eyelash bar where they had two professionals putting on individual eyelashes for $25, and a lipstick bar where you could try on different shades of lipstick of your choice and take with you. The night also included three fashion shows with models wearing clothing from the store itself and many raffles with cool beauty prizes.

I didn’t leave empty handed I was given a goody bag filled with some great smell goods. Take a look at the pictures below.