{VIDEO} A look at my blow-dry Afro

Watch the video to see how my Afro blow-dry

I am pretty happy how it turned out as the lady at the salon conditioned it well and she didn’t heat it too much.

I would love to hear your opinions and let me know if you want to see more videos 🙂

Holiday Hair Inspiration

With Christmas just 3 days away why not celebrate it by trying a new hairstyle. Many of us will be ducking in and out from holiday parties to celebrating and partying up the New Year with friends. So for the next few days I’ll be posting some hair pics to give you some ideas on how to look good for the holidays.


This look to me is very hot & wild and on top that easy to achieve. To get this look …

1. Co-wash hair with conditioner and if you prefer leave a little in for moisture.

2. While hair is still wet apply your favorite moisturizer ( I prefer Shea Butter) to the roots and the ends.

3. Begin twisting hair (two-strands), the size of the twist depends on how big and defined you want your curls. Also don’t mind parting your hair because you’ll end up un-twisting it anyways. It’s also a good idea to have a water bottle to keep hair soaked.

4. Let hair dry overnight. The next day undo each twist, separate strands and style your curly fro as you please.

If you have any suggestions let me know.

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6 observations from a recent visit the Hair Salon

Yesterday, my sister in law (kindly) took me to the hair salon because I had mentioned to my SIL that I would have liked to have gotten a blowdry. [Sadly no pictures as no camera, but I am working on my, my coal miners!] I really love spending time with my SIL and she is really lovely. She took me to a salon which looked non-descript at first (it was called ‘Hair & Nails’). We walked up. The women sized us up from the windows and gave us those searing ‘UP/DOWN/UP’ looks which I always find so curiously weird especially if your arse is running a business.

1. I got a blow-dry. Should stylists really be raking afro combs in your hair with such gusto for a Afro blow-dry? I am not sure. She did a good job but she was combing hard.

2. 5,000 shillings is more than fair price for a blow dry. It’s basically £3 quid so I can barely complain because in the LDN, you are looking at £20 minimum. Continue reading

The Afro Natural Hair Revolution will be Televised

Sharing my journey in video format, makes people feel like I am standing right next to them, showing them what to do.

–Kerry, from New York, a Natural Hair video blogger

Video blogging for natural hair has erupted into an audiovisual Cookie Monster. Women have decided to go online but with cameras to talk about their hair. I think this is a fascinating new trend in African hair because in many ways, video is a true way to encapsulate what is going on with black beauty. By the same token, does it make your hair too personal, and can you always connect with someone who could be ranting and raving about their hair?

Charcoal Ink is going to look at the phenomenon by asking the women on the frontline of the natural hair video blogging revolution. Are you armed with your flipcams? Keep reading this feature to find out why.

Kerry, natural hair video blogger extraordinaire

Kerry is from New York in the United States and she is one of the seasoned pros of the natural hair YouTube industry. Kerry, who went natural in November 2009, says: “For me doing natural hair videos is the easiest way to document my journey/growth, to connect with other people, to share different styling techniques and to get feedback.” This is a key factor to remember about the video bloggers for hair. With a traditional blog such as this one, an author will post a feature and secretly hope to be awash with comments. The difference with YouTube is in most cases: you are awash with feedback immediately because the visual element is so powerful. People like being able to see who they are speaking to. I think this is particularly relevant for natural hair as well. Continue reading