What I’ve Been Up To: A Look Through My Instagram

I’ve been M.I.A for awhile now due to life and work as always but I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been up to. Here’s a look of what I’ve been up to through my Instagram photos …

1. Nail DIY – Decided to try my (hand) at doing a Leopard print on my nails. This was my second time trying this design and this time I think it came out looking a lot better.

Leopard Nail Art

2. Knitting – Decided I needed to learn something new and therapeutic to help with my anxiety so I learned how to knit. After watching numerous videos I was able to successfully learn how to knit. So far I’ve been knitting scarfs since it’s winter in the U.S. (and reading Arise!)


First knitted scarf

3. Swap Party – Last week I was invited to a clothing swap party and it came at a good time since I had a lot to give away. If you don’t know what a swap party is, it’s when you and a bunch of friends bring all your clothes together that you don’t want and swap out for something else. I wasn’t really expecting to bring much home but I did come out with a couple of nice items. Whatever was left of the clothes was donated.

Going through shoes

Going through coats

4. Cyber Monday – I took advantage of Cyber Monday and was able to buy a pair of heels originally $50 and got them for $25 at Sole Society.

Sole Society Shoes

5. Wild Hair – I partially straighten my hair in preparation of it getting braided, it started off wild and I was able to get it somewhat tamed.

Wild hair!

6. Oprah – Inspirational words from Oprah (enough said).

Oprah Quotes

Make-Up Inspired Look: Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu’s eyes can speak louder than words, but her make-up is definitely hitting the mark. I love how her make-up is simple and sultry at the same time. Last year I treated myself to a Sephora eye shadow pallet with about 36 different colors and I am hoping to achieve this look. What do you think of her make up? Below I’ve come up with a pallet colors that I think is similar to the eye shadow colors she has used. The three I have circled are the colors I think are most prominent in recreating this look.

Michael Ealy & Taraji P. Henson are hotter than hot chocolate and pancakes!

Taraji P. Henson & Michael Ealy have convinced the hell out of me that they are excellent actors or they have definitely fucked at some point in their past because they served up one hell of a coupling in Think Like A Man. Loved Taraji in a lot of her films, but her & Michael Ealy took it to another level.

They are like those uber-fattening 3-inch American-style pancakes that are amazing when drizzled with maple leaf syrup; just sweet, sexy and moreish. I loved them in this film!

Their sex scenes were killing me softly – definitely a reminder that it has been exactly 1 year since I last had any.

4 Conditioners I Use to Snap My Hair Back in Shape

My hair was just taken out of the tree braids that I’ve been wearing for about a month and a half. I know a reader asked me in a previous post could they see a better picture of my braids. Well those pics are coming soon I decided to get my hair re-braided so the style is more fresh and clear to see in a picture.

I think one of the most important things to do after taking down your hair from a style is a good condition to snap the hair back in shape. As some of you may know or have experienced certain styles can wear and tear on the hair making it weak. I know most of the styles we wear are supposed to be “protective styles” but even those have their pros and cons.

Lately I’ve been using about 4 products to condition my hair and 1 brush to detangle. Continue reading

What Protective Styles Are You Wearing This Winter??


I don’t know about you all but even though I reside in the south now it’s still cold and it’s time for protective styles. I just did my hair last week in yarn twist and after I take these out I would like to try some new protective styles. If you would like to share how you wear your hair whether it’s in a weave, twist, braids, hats, etc please share. Please email me at mjcarter09@gmail.com with a picture or you can contact me on my twitter if you would like to share.

Meet Writer and Natural Hair Rocker Precious Williams

Precious Williams UK writer and author of the book Precious (Color Blind U.S. version) shares with us how she became a writer and what inspired her to write her first book. Along with being a writer Precious rocks natural hair and shares with us her natural hair journey. Continue reading

Do luxury brands know how to sell products to black women?

[Image Source: Fashion Gone Rogue]

In the above shoot, Naomi Campbell is flogging the Animalier eyewear shoot for Dolce & Gabbana. I saw another picture from the campaign in the July 2011 issue of VOGUE magazine. Then, I realised something: are luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana confused about how to approach black women in their advertising?

I think this shoot is confusing because while Naomi is beautiful, I am already more interested in the bodysuit than I am in the glasses. I think they are not being creative in finding a new way to promote their work, because this image of a black women with long black hair is just tired. How about something new, fresh or innovative? Dolce & Gabbana have such a rich history of excellent clothing – why have they made a boring shoot with typical fare from Naomi? I am a big fan of Naomi Campbell but I think this advertising campaign is pretty boring.

Is this how luxury brands think that they are going to attract black female buyers? Are we as black women easily seduced by a sexy looking Naomi with red gloss?