The Best Box Braid Hairstyle I’ve Seen In 2019


The Most Beautiful Box Braids Hairstyle

I love the vibrancy of this box braid hairstyle because I like how she contrasted the hair colour with the threads to create this super earthy African braided look.

Box Braids Hairstyle Top Tips

I would definitely do something like this but I also think if you are going to do box braids like this you should be aware that styles like this don’t last long without getting messy because larger braids go bad faster than smaller braids.

That said, larger braids put less tension on your hair as well. I always go into vivid detail in my exclusive newsletter so make sure you sign up to get it.

I would definitely recommend buying human braiding hair instead of synthetic to avoid the itchiness that comes with synthetic braiding hair as well.

Which box braids hairstyles do you like? Let me know by getting in touch.


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