2 Unique Christmas Cards For Gift Giving This Season

2 unique Christmas cards from Pop Printables

Guys, I am so excited to show you a selection of 2 beautiful Christmas cards that I commissioned for my brand new Etsy store. I wasn’t going to share this initially because I don’t want to annoy anybody but I am so proud of the high standard of these Xmas cards and I think you all could benefit from having them if you are celebrating this holidays this year.

I brainstormed with my designer and we came up with this unique bundle of 2 printable Christmas cards that come in 2 options for sizes. I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas, holidays and sharing gifts with people so I think these cards are a wonderful way to start celebrating the holiday season.

I would love to know what you all think of the cards or if you think they would be something you are interested in. I am currently working on a gift guide for hair, beauty and style for black women so I will share my top suggestions for Christmas gifts this week as well.

Merry Christmas babes and let me know how you are celebrating this year!

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