How to do a natural hair blowout without breaking your hair

Afro hair blown out

Top tips on how to blow dry natural hair

I know, I know. Blow drying natural afro hair is like a cardinal sin for women with natural hair but many girls want to know how to do it safely. Ideally you shouldn’t blow your hair out more than twice per year. Some girls love doing it every month but I advise against this. If you want to do a natural hair blow out, you can opt to go to the salon or you can do it yourself. After you do your natural hair blow dry, make sure you finish off your look with makeup such as lipstick, perfume and do your eyebrows. Here are some of my top tips on how you can blow dry natural hair safely:

1–Only use a wide tooth comb when separating your hair 

It’s critical to choose wide tooth combs because they relieve stress and pressure from your hair. One of my personal favourites are the ones you find in your local beauty supply store in your city. It doesn’t matter where you live – your black beauty store knows the market more than the Internet. Head over to your local beauty store and purchase a large wide tooth comb that doesn’t have a lot of teeth.

2–Use a heat protectant serum to protect your hair 

I’ve seen the best results with the heat protectant serum from IC Fantasia. I cannot vouch for others except this one. It smells good, makes your hair soft and it counteracts the crushing effects of heat. I’ve found that my hair isn’t damaged after using this serum. Always use heat protectant serum before doing a natural hair blowout on your hair. Never ever ever do a blow dry without it.

3–Always use the cold setting

Repeat after me, use the cold setting only if you want to keep your hair blowout healthy and safe. Heat does not like Afro hair at all – it breaks our hair with a vengeance and it will also put unnecessary pressure on your hair. Yes, using the cold setting won’t make the hair look super blown out but you can achieve this look with African threading prior and the cold setting if this is what you are going for. I always advise people to choose the cold setting and not the hot one. Just avoid the hot setting on the blow dryer like the plague girls. It’s not worth the breakage.

Tools & More Tips

I like going to the salon to get my hair done but I also know some stylists have no clue how to manage natural hair. I advise you look for a blowdry with several types of cold settings, wide toothed combs and heat protectant serums that are built for our hair. Keep natural hair blowouts to a minimum only for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. I also suggest avoiding sensitive areas on your scalp and don’t over do blowdrying parts of your hair that are weak.

Like these tips? Let me know how you get on.

Finish off your natural hair blowout with glossy lipstick and glam makeup

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