Do hair blogs matter anymore now that you have Instagram & Pinterest?

Instagram 1

The social media margarita for natural hair, beauty & fashion

Social media is one of the tastiest cocktails to drink if you love hair, beauty, fashion and food. There are thousands of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts dedicated to all of these things that we all love. Whether you love natural afro hair updos or you love looking at high heels, it’s clear that social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have opened a whole new world for natural afro hair. I definitely think social media has changed the game for natural hair but I also am wondering – does it enrich the hair experience and make hair blogs irrelevant?

I don’t think social media has made hair blogs irrelevant – M & I have been doing Charcoal Ink for many years now and as many of you know, we are both natural, we love our hair but hair is not only what Charcoal Ink is all about. We are on social media and are happy to connect with you but this doesn’t mean we don’t drink our blog cocktail, because clearly we do.

I think social media has recharged the natural hair industry online but I also think there is no substitute for thoughts, opinions and interaction through comments on a blog.

What do you think?

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