Red Lips for May



Wearing a MAC lipstick I got from the vault with the name that has faded out but I do those the rose-tones of this lipstick. May always reminds me of being sunny, glossy and sleek which is what I think these red lips do. How do you feel about red lips?


2 thoughts on “Red Lips for May

  1. I’m freaking terrified to leave the house wearing red lipstick. I always feel like its so loud. I’m a quiet introvert, when it cones to makeup I stick to nuetral, natural looks. I’ve being trying to find a red that I think looks good on me but I have not found it yet, I’m considering spending $15 to get MACs Ririwoo when its back in stock.

    • I think looking for blue-reds is better if you are introverted, I just think red is a stunning colour! Coral or peach lipsticks would be nice if you don’t like fire-engine red.

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