What Solange’s Afro & Cocktails have in common

Just stumbled upon this stunning picture of Solange and her incredible Afro at lecoil:

solange hair 1

Solange really should listen to the old adage if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. This Afro hairstyle suits her to a T – it’s almost as if it’s a cocktail of hair, whether you like whisky sours or if you prefer the cool mint flavour of a Mojito. Cocktails are not something you can drink every day but you know how it is when you see one on the menu, whether you are crazy about Cosmopolitans or mad about Margaritas, you simply have to drink one as a sophisticated woman. This is exactly what the Afro symbolises to me today in its modern context – not only is it a sign of our roots but it is stylish, sleek, gorgeous and ice-cold, just like the crushed ice that you would expect from your favourite frozen Margarita.

Drink up ladies with natural hair – Afros & cocktails have more in common than meets the eye!


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