From Copenhagen to London – Malaika’s story on black hair

Hair is personal to all women especially black women. Malaika is a Danish-Tanzanian marketing officer in London who had several things to say about her relationship with her hair. Charcoal Ink caught up with her for her unique global perspective and how that’s coloured her view on black hair:


On her memories with hair:

I kind of just go with the flow. My whole childhood and teen years was just my afro strapped up in a ponytail as I didn’t have many options. Then I colored my hair blond and got extensions in which was pure impulse. I didn’t really like the feeling of heavy hair on top of my own so I took them out and bought clip-on hair so I can take it out in the evening and wash my hair!


On the differences between Denmark & London on black hair & Afro hair trends:

Denmark is completely different from London, which is the reason why I had my hair in a ponytail for at least 18 years. The main reason is the amount of Afro shops we have which is around 3(or more)! The women doing the hair is not that good compared to the ones in London as they obviously don’t have the same amount of experience. It is also Crazy expansive cause the white girls always go to the to get extensions done which is minimum £300. You never see the same amount of creativity in the black/mixed women hair in Denmark. No one really do anything about it except for throwing on a wig.

On what inspires her hair choices:

I guess I just get inspired by people around me. When I moved to London I was shocked to see how amazing these black girls hair was here and I had no idea it could be done so great. I always thought that great hair was for the female celebrities and millionaires  I did not know that you could have it done like that for £30 maximum!  

From this interview, you can see that the intersection especially in Europe of black hair is transcending European borders to create an eclectic pot of choices for black and mixed-race women in big cities like London. London is clearly a top city for black hair considering the choice and financial flexibility.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “From Copenhagen to London – Malaika’s story on black hair

  1. “London is clearly a top city for black hair considering the choice and financial flexibility.”

    Agreed. Outside of the United States’ cities (like my hometown), London is next best.

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