Whipped Cream Afro? Maybe…



I took out my weave about 3 weeks ago and had my hair blow-dried; I took this picture about a fortnight ago and I liked the result of the hair. I feel like my hair is getting fluffier at the top which I love. It’s kind of like a whipped cream Afro when I took this picture but not sure you see how fluffy it was.

Happy Easter everyone!


2 thoughts on “Whipped Cream Afro? Maybe…

  1. thanks for your comment. for me, i see weaves more as protective styling than anything else. we will see if it will come back! thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Aulelia!

    I’m letting my very short natural hair grow out too. I know exactly what you mean by “whipped cream.” It feels really soft. I haven’t put chemicals in my hair for well over 20 years so my hair is strong. My concern is that my longer natural hair gets tangled. Even using a brush with wide plastic teeth (or whatever they are called in a brush) I invariably get a lot of hair caught in it.

    My hope was to grow it out so that it’s long enough to style it the way I did as a child. I had shoulder-length natural hair. All I had to do was braid it at night, then brush it until it became wavy in the morning.

    I must admit that I’m freaking out because of the hair in the brush AND because I truly do hate having to do anything to my hair besides wash it a couple of times a week, dab a bit of oil on two palms and massage it in if I felt like it and go. I’ve gotten quite spoiled by having very short, natural hair. I know I’m going back to it because I am ready to scream. Nevertheless, I applaud removal of your weave. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to yank them out of some celebrities’ heads. I’d have a more lenient attitude about them if black women used black hair as opposed to Asian and Caucasian hair. I worry about the messages sent to little black girls who already have self-esteem problems.

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