Are Wealth Creation seminars and workshops a get rich quick scheme?

God bless the YouTube poster who uploaded this fasctinating documentary that I have posted below. It dispels the myth behind the quickly growing concept of wealth studies that has been pioneered by people like Robert Kiyosaki and T Harv Eker. Check out the video below to understand the core of my post:

I watched this BBC-produced documentary with interest; being the BBC they got loads of access to people like Kiyosaki and Eker. I am a business woman so I was intrigued by this concept of the weath study concept that is clearly taking the UK by storm as seen in the documentary.

But is it a scam?

To me, there is something insincere about Kiyosaki and Eker, to a lesser extent. I do believe wealth comes from working hard and of course, passive income streams is nothing new. So I don’t understand their idea of selling wealth as an attainable achievement if it is done purely passively. Making money while you sleep is what all investors should be doing but do we really become millionaires by not actually working?

This is something that fascinates me. I do think wealth comes from being active and passive and I do agree with the motivational speakers about creating income generating assets.

Are these speakers just creating a generation of landlords and no tenants?

Tell me what you think about the concept of wealth creation seminars. I just get the impression they make Kiyosaki and Eker rich, and not necessarily the people who spend thousands of pounds and dollars on their courses, books and other ancillary products.


5 thoughts on “Are Wealth Creation seminars and workshops a get rich quick scheme?

  1. I an a skeptical person by nature. I have always thought about the big name companies, e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Exxon, etc. None of these companies have ever given a seminar on how to become rich. They only want you to buy into their companies via stocks and merchandise. Those multi-level marketing, get rich quick companies will never allow you to get rich. Its all about them. Their sales pros are the ultimate at parting you from your money. Don’t do it!

    • What a fantastic point about how big companies don’t peddle get rich quick crap – probably because they are too busy selling their products. I don’t like the essence of get rich quick schemes at all because I think they prey on people that don’t want to work.

  2. I attended once some years ago during the U.S. housing boom. Needless to say, I’m not rich, nor do I own any houses. Thank goodness I only spent about U.S. $20.00 on seminar materials.

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