Thoughts on Africa’s super rich

AlJazeera have a short piece about elections in Angola and part of the piece talks about Angola’s immense oil wealth. Angola is rolling in wealth for a specific group of people because of the petrodollars that are running through cashflows in Angola since the country is the second largest producer in Africa of oil after Nigeria.

Oil wealth has been one source of super rich wealth for Angola and Nigeria. The influx of cash in both African countries has led luxury car maker Porsche to set up shop in Angola and Nigeria. My feelings on the super-rich of Angola and all other countries in the state is if the money has been generated via a self-made route, I say SO WHAT?

One issue I have with some media outlets especially abroad is that there seems to be a focus on how Africa’s super rich spend, such as lavish weddings in Nigeria that are sometimes made to seem ridiculous considering how poverty is in the nation. Poverty is in every country in the world, some places more than others. I think if the money has been made through legitimate means such as through a business and not through nepotism or through bribes, then I think it should be something that we are celebrating. In Tanzania, there are (of course) wealthy families in Tanzania. I want to create wealth for myself and my family – I think as young enterprising Africans, we should focus on this, instead of thinking about what people want us to be.

God is important. family, love are all important but we also need to support ourselves. One of the best ways of doing this is through creating and building wealth.

Super rich doesn’t mean just millions of dollars; I have heard of Tanzanian bloggers who make thousands of dollars a month chronicling the party scene and the socialite life of the glossy women of Dar-es-Salaam. Super rich in Africa has many meanings – it’s not just the male billionaires on the Forbes list – rich is relative to the living standards of the nation that we are discussing.

The people in African countries like Angola and Nigeria and Tanzania who can buy super cars – I say hats off to them. There are many shades to Africa – the ultra-rich are a small but valid part of it.


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