What I’ve Been Up To: A Look Through My Instagram

I’ve been M.I.A for awhile now due to life and work as always but I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been up to. Here’s a look of what I’ve been up to through my Instagram photos …

1. Nail DIY – Decided to try my (hand) at doing a Leopard print on my nails. This was my second time trying this design and this time I think it came out looking a lot better.

Leopard Nail Art

2. Knitting – Decided I needed to learn something new and therapeutic to help with my anxiety so I learned how to knit. After watching numerous videos I was able to successfully learn how to knit. So far I’ve been knitting scarfs since it’s winter in the U.S. (and reading Arise!)


First knitted scarf

3. Swap Party – Last week I was invited to a clothing swap party and it came at a good time since I had a lot to give away. If you don’t know what a swap party is, it’s when you and a bunch of friends bring all your clothes together that you don’t want and swap out for something else. I wasn’t really expecting to bring much home but I did come out with a couple of nice items. Whatever was left of the clothes was donated.

Going through shoes

Going through coats

4. Cyber Monday – I took advantage of Cyber Monday and was able to buy a pair of heels originally $50 and got them for $25 at Sole Society.

Sole Society Shoes

5. Wild Hair – I partially straighten my hair in preparation of it getting braided, it started off wild and I was able to get it somewhat tamed.

Wild hair!

6. Oprah – Inspirational words from Oprah (enough said).

Oprah Quotes


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