3 ways a man gets a woman in bed

It’s been a crazy few weeks in my personal life. I’ve been going out so much, meeting people and discovering new bars and night haunts. I definitely feel different and I am trying to focus on making money for the business and making new friends and of course, meeting new men.

Some of that ground work has started to pay off.

There is a local guy I met a while ago who was trying for months to get my attention and we finally went out twice this week, the first time in a business capacity and the second time last night personally. He’s a dark horse, a computer guy who knows how to get women. We went on a date last night and he pulled out the stops to highlight that he liked me and if his aim was getting me in the sack, it worked. Here are some of the moves he pulled on me that got him what he wanted from me.

  1. Look at what she drinks: In our first business meeting drinks earlier this week, he saw that I drank a double shot of Johnnie Walker Red Label. He bought me a bottle of Red Label for us to share on the date when we were at the bar. He even came with glasses and ice cubes. It definitely got me tipsy which then got me in the mood for sex…Smart move!
  2. Pick her up: Having a car is not necessary for a man to have game, but if the woman is a petrol and diesel fiend like me and loves cars, it definitely helps to be in a whip. I’m a Taurus so our materialistic nature is always piqued by any kind of possession whether it is mass market or premium. I love cars and seeing him get me in one definitely appealed to my Taurean sensibilities of materialism.
  3. Do what she wants: He pretty much gave me carte blanche on what we should do but I also like that he was easy-going about where we went.

Got to hand it to men though. When a man decides he wants a woman, he goes out there and gets her. We slept together and it was good, but it did hurt a lot considering I had not done it for over 1 year but definitely something I enjoyed.

It’s nice to be in the arms of a man…now the games begin!



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