The ‘get money’ concept – why people hate Yandy Smith and why they shouldn’t

I just recently got into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and the original version in New York has its 3rd series taping, but I am watching the second series.

One of the biggest themes from Love & Hip Hop in the second series is how business focused Yandy Smith is. The girl literally does not quit!

As a business woman myself, it was very illuminating watching her and Chrissy fight because it is clear that Yandy is the business boss bitch so to speak and Chrissy is the ride or die bird for her man (both roles are valid).

One thing I also noticed was how Yandy literally just thought about making money and she was spurred by business deals. I am a Christian and naturally the love of business and making deals is tempered by knowing that being greedy is wrong. I just respect that Yandy was focused on making deals and being successful and it shows.

That kind of focus on not being broke is definitely something that makes people lose friends, and I have already lost friends because of this focus as well.

I just want to be successful – I get why some people would hate Yandy’s atttiude, it comes on super strong at times and I think talking about money all the time can be tiring to people who don’t want to hear it but my goodness I saw a LOT of myself in how Yandy was just so focused on being financially successful.

Do you think hip hop has made black people money hungry or have we always wanted to be wealthy and successful?


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