I have a crush. What do I do now?

The cat’s out of the bag.

I have a massive crush on someone I spotted out and about.

Memphiz knows all about it; in summary, he is gorgeous and I was literally mesmerised when I laid eyes on him. I was introduced to him and I made a total COCK out of myself because my hands were wet so I kind of shook his wrist and I’m sure he was like WTF!

Pathetic! We just exchanged names and that was it – it was at a busy club and I was too scared to talk to him more.

He’s African-American – and wow, just beautiful. Help me!!!!


19 thoughts on “I have a crush. What do I do now?

  1. I shouldn’t comment on this one but my hand is itching….Play it safe and don’t you dare chace him yes you may find out where he hangs out and make sudden appearances but dont dare show that you are there because of him, let him be interested in you too, always leave some comment that will make him want more,if you stand together while flirting walk away and leave him look at you but not in an obvious way.Always be expensive if he likes you enough he will go an extra mile to chace you…My best example is my second half who ended up stalking me, finding out my number email you name it but it was such a loving stalk that i fell into his trap and we’ve been together ever since….Good luck!

  2. But what about a crush for the sake of having a crush? He could be a jerk but he could be gorgeous and everything else. And if he’s a jerk, then at least you tried and NO ONE would ever fault you for having the guts to try. Yes, definitely talk to him a bit more and you might know if you’re wasting your time!

    • onejoyfulmama, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the blog. I am hoping I ‘bump’ into him again so I can make small talk and just see if he is a jerk. It’s nervewracking though.

  3. I don’t know, in my opinion gorgeous crushed end up being real jerks. I may be wrong (since I’m single feel free to ignore me) but I would feel him out so see what he feels first. Put yourself in the places you think he’ll be, say hello, be casual and get to know him, find out what he’s about. Maybe you’ll find out he’s an idiot or maybe he will be a great guy and feel the same way you do. I would not let on that I was crushing on him either.

    • Bianca, sounds like a really good plan. I like that angle of being super casual and relaxed, and not letting on. I do agree that good looking guys make awful crushes. I hope I forget about this soon!

    • Also B, I should add that I jokingly told a friend of mine that I want to preen myself like a peacock once I have sorted some work related things out. I am definitely interested in just at least talking to him to decide if he is a) boring b) boring c) got someone — naturally if he is not interested, I will accept that.

      Do you think if I put myself where he is that he might feel as if I like him? How do I come across not interested but a tiny bit interested?

      Have to come up with a plan going forward (on the assumption he has no girlfriend) to casually bump into him…eek.

      • Since you two said hello to each other and exchanged names, I see nothing wrong with saying hello if you see him again. Then just make casual convo, ask him stuff like what he does for fun etc. Since it’s your town and he’s new (If he is I think that’s what I understand from what you said) offer to give him reviews on the places that are good to visit, then give him your email/number/facebook. That way you seem to just be offering friendly advice and he has a way to contact you if he’s interested. I don’t see how he would know you like him if you just happen to be the places he is unless you show up at his doorstep….lol.

        • Bianca, but we exchanged names in a club? What if he doesn’t remember if/when I see him? Surely I’m embarrassing myself. An extra bit of information: the girl who knows him said that he met someone but she didn’t know if it worked out. At first I thought he was with one girl at the party but apparently he isn’t with her. Should I just find out if he has someone for sure for fear of embarrassing myself even if I come across friendly? I was thinking one angle I could do if I bump into him again (hopefully) was give him my business card – I heard through the grapevine that we are in the same industry.

          Wow haven’t crushed this hard on anyone since that split last summer. He is so good looking. The only problem is that if he has a girlfriend, that will be pretty embarrassing even just talking to him – but I should try right?

          I only met him once and the contact to meet him again is not really subtle – I fancy myself like a bit of a panther like I don’t like 20m people in the flesh to know that I am crushing on someone.

          I just need to find a way – I’m hoping that I can just have a silly conversation with him, but like you said, gorgeous crushes tend to be jerks.

          • Also final point to add: surely I should just forget about it now that I heard he kind of has met someone? The girl said he met someone he dug but kind of like it didn’t work out.

            I feel like a stalker LOL.

            I never approach men – they chase me then hurt me. He’s beautiful. I’m obsessed. ARGH.

        • In an ideal world, I can engineer a situation where I can just be friendly, breezy and casual, if this comes to pass (please God), wouldnt he be able to tell I fancy him?? I wear my heart on my sleeve.

          • I’m sure it’s not that obvious, you just think so. I have an absolute poker face and can pretend to be cool even when I’m not. Only my closest friends can tell what I’m really feeling. Just play it cool.

            • *Learning about poker face strategies now*

              I hope I get to see him soon at some point…it’s hard to call, this guy could have a girlfriend but it’s hard to find out definitely without speaking to him.

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