Why do hair salons in Dar-es-Salaam overcharge?

The situation of overcharging

My local salon is full of hi-jinks, to the point where you would think we were watching Scooby-Doo.

I have talked before about my salon, and essentially the owner is amazing – we have a great rapport and I think she’s fabulous and she does a good job on my hair for the most part.

Her assistant on the other hand overcharges and I am sure of it, but because there is not a price list or a menu, I can only go off memory but the other day, I went to get my hair washed and blow-dried and it was 8,000 shillings. I remember back a few months ago, it was 7,000 with hair styling included (as if it should not be included).

Now this could be the result of 1 or 2 things: a price increase (which is fine) or overcharging and I think it’s the latter because the second assistant stylist always has shit going on in terms of pricing and I have called her out on it.

What would you do?

A) Tell the owner that you think the other stylist is overcharging

B) Tell the owner that you only want her to do your hair (I think this is the one I will go for)

C) Stop going to the salon all together?

I like the owner – she does her job well and she is a hard worker, but her assistant has such a sloppy approach to hair and she just is so robotic about hair, and I even had to tell her to use big toothed combs when brushing natural hair. Like come girl, get it together! I think I am going to go for option C. The salon is the best of a very bad bunch in Tanzania.


2 thoughts on “Why do hair salons in Dar-es-Salaam overcharge?

  1. Stop going to the salon all together. The owner may be amazing but she obviously isn’t doing a good a job when it comes to managing her employees. The employees should reflect the amazing customer service and personality the owner has, you shouldn’t have to tell a hairdresser how to do your hair. Don’t give away your money to poor quality service.

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